climatecontrolindoorWhen you think of self storage, what comes to mind? Most likely, moving to a new home or changing locations. While many people use self storage for belongings while they move, there are many other reasons as well. Here a a few top reasons you might want to use self storage.

For Merchandise

Are you an active seller on eBay, amazon marketplace, or other online stores? Self storage is a great place to keep your merchandise when it outgrows your home or office.

To Reduce Clutter

Is clutter taking over your house, but you just don’t have the time for spring cleaning right now? Don’t risk giving away stuff you might need someday. Move some of your stuff to self storage until you have the time to sort through it.

For Special Activity Items

Do you play sports or participate in other activities that require special items? Self storage can be a great place for these items because they tend to be bulky and require a lot of space. Some examples are mountain bikes, skis or snowboards, climbing or hiking gear, and paintball equipment. Simply pick up these items on your way to the activity site the day you need them.

For Seasonal Items

Are there certain items you only need during a specific season? Put them in self storage when they start taking up too much room in your garage, or basement. Some examples are holiday decorations, lawn chairs, party or event tables, and bulky winter gear.

For Your Collection

Do you collect items and need a clean, dry, cool, place to keep them safe? With climate controlled indoor units, you’ll never have to worry about damage or wear and tear to your collection. Some examples are antiques, dolls, wine, historical artifacts, jewelry, paintings and records.

To Maximize Security

Self storage is a great place for valuable items that need optimal security. If you live by Leesport, PA, DAK Self Storage is fenced-in with key code entry and 24/7 video surveillance. All units have quality locks and climate control units have an additional key code access for optimal security. In addition, storage insurance is often much cheaper than home insurance if you need to insure your belongings.

For Safety

You might have items that need to be secured for safety and self storage is a great place for these items. For example, power tools or legal weapons that need to be kept out of reach of the children in your home.

(Please note the following items are prohibited: gasoline, explosives, stolen items, drugs, animals, flammable liquids and aerosols, medical waste and infectious substances, counterfeit money and other items, environment waste, peroxides and chemicals, poisons and pesticides, dry ice, illegal or dangerous possessions in pennsylvania. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the items you may store in your unit.)

If you live in or near Berks County, DAK is a convenient self storage location. Our units range in size from small lockers to ten feet by thirty feet to fit a large range of items.