If you own a small business in Berks County and have been looking to expand or just make some room, you will find DAK Self-Storage very helpful. There are a variety of ways to use a DAK Self-Storage unit to help you run your business.

Compared to renovations or purchasing more space, self-storage is a more affordable way to store your items. DAK Self-Storage provides 24/7 video surveillance and quality locks on every unit to keep your things safe. You can make payments online and your belongings are a short drive away from your Berks County business. Here are a few helpful ways you can use a DAK Self-Storage unit.

Store Paperwork

Any business involves plenty of paperwork. There are forms, receipts, contracts, bills, and more. Many of these have to be kept for long periods of time as a record. While you can store some of these virtually you may still have many hard copies. If you have been in business for a while, these copies may have started to pile up. They may be taking up space that can be used for other purposes.

DAK Self-Storage has a variety of unit sizes starting at 5’ X 5’. This is a great size for storing a couple of file cabinets along with all your copies of important papers. Be sure to protect your papers before storing. Check out DAK Self-Storage’s blog for storing paper documents for more tips: https://dakselfstorage.com/how-to-store-paper-artwork-and-fragile-documents/.

Store Merchandise

If your business sells merchandise, supplies can build up in your home or workspace. Before you know it you may have to step over or squeeze around them to get your work done. Running a business is stressful enough. You don’t need the extra stress of your merchandise, taking away your space.

DAK Self-Storage offers both indoor and outdoor units as well as units with climate control. If your product is sensitive to temperature or moisture, renting a unit with climate control will help keep them in good condition. DAK Self-Storage also has an on-site supply store if you need any extra supplies to protect or organize your merchandise.

Store Equipment

If you provide a service to the Berks County community, you likely have spare equipment sitting around. Like merchandise, this can also take up space and make your job more difficult. By renting a DAK Self-Storage unit, you can keep your equipment out of your way, but still close enough to retrieve it if you need it.

A DAK Self-Storage unit can also be useful for storing seasonal equipment such as snow supplies, pool care supplies, or leaf removal. You can rent a unit for a few months or rent year round and swap your gear as each new season begins.

Show Room

Some merchandise needs to be put on display before customers are willing to buy. If you run a business that sells merchandise like this, a DAK Self-Storage unit can help you store and display these items.

If you lack space at your office building, you won’t have to worry about disassembling and reassembling your displays to save space. You can keep everything looking neat and ready to show. However, if you plan to store your items long term or if they are sensitive to the elements, be sure to clean and protect them beforehand.

Store Temporarily

Renovations mean your business is growing, but it also means you may have to rearrange your office to make room for construction. It may seem like a hassle, but DAK Self-Storage can help make it easier. You can store anything you don’t have room for in your office for a few months. This way you don’t have to rearrange your office every time you need a specific item.

You can also rent temporarily when you experience product overflow. If you ordered too many supplies or if your product is in high demand we can give you the extra space you need until you can adjust. If you would like to view DAK Self-Storage’s available units, you can do so here: https://ecom.quikstor.com/dakselfstorage/ShowAvailableUnits.aspx?action=rent.