Whether you are moving to or from Berks County, when it comes to moving, you will have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. This means you will have a lot on your mind and may be stressed. If you get too overwhelmed, it can be easy to make a mistake that only creates more problems. No one wants more problems. That’s why DAK Self-Storage has created this list of common mistakes you can learn from and avoid. This way you can make your move as easy as possible.

Thinking You Can Wing It

Your first step should be to plan. Start with organizing your belongings and create an inventory.  Next, start measuring and estimate how much space your items will take up. Then, create a floor plan. Whether it is for a moving truck or DAK Self-Storage unit, you will want to have an idea of where you want to put each item and what order you are going to move your items in. You can check out DAK Self-Storages blog for more tips. Finally, you will want to create a budget to help you keep track of your spending.

Not Decluttering Before Moving

If you have been in your current home for a few years, you likely have collected various items that you needed once or twice, but just sits around now. It doesn’t make sense to carry along items you never use any more. Be sure to start decluttering a few months before your move so you don’t have to rush. Doing so will help save you money, time, and energy with the move.

Not Staying Organized

You will likely be putting a majority of your small items together in boxes. There is a good chance that a majority of these boxes will look the same. This is why it is important to stay organized. You don’t want to walk into your DAK Self-Storage unit or the moving truck and have to move everything out just to find what you need. Put similar items together and be sure to use labels or color coding.

Forgetting to Properly Package Your Items

When you’re moving, all the boxes and items may get shifted around in the moving truck. You will want to take the extra time to make sure your items arrive in the same condition they left in. First, you will want to make sure each item is clean. Then you will want to make sure each item is protected. Be sure to research how to properly care for each material your items are made of. You can find many tips in DAK Self-Storage’s blog:  https://dakselfstorage.com/blog/.

When packing, be sure to use new sturdy boxes rather than bags. Boxes will keep your items more secure when everything shifts around in the back of a moving truck. Also, do not overload the boxes. This will help prevent items from breaking.

Forgetting to Get Help

Everyone needs help sometimes, especially when you are moving an entire house worth of furniture into a truck or DAK Self-Storage unit. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Get help from either friends and family or professional movers. Be prepared to delegate specific tasks to people who don’t know how they can help.

Asking Movers Questions

If you do decide to hire professional movers, be careful about who you use. Be sure to ask plenty of questions so that there are no surprises. Find out if the company has insurance and get estimates in writing so there are no surprise costs. Try to keep valuable or important items with you for extra safety.

Forgetting to Plan for Your Kids and Pets

If you have a long trip ahead of you, you will need to prepare a little extra for your kids and pets. Make sure your kids are comfortable, have entertainment, and plenty of snacks. This will help keep them calm and quiet so you can focus on what you have to do.

For pets, you will want to make more frequent stops to find a pet-friendly hotel if needed. Be sure that your pets are us to date with shots, I.D., tags, etc.

Forgetting Plants

Moving plants can also be tricky. If you are moving to another state, be sure to check the rules about bringing certain plants into the area. For plants that you can bring, transport them into lightweight unbreakable pots. For plants that you can’t bring, donate them.

Forgetting to Set Aside Items You Will Need First

When you arrive at your new home, you will likely be tired. You won’t feel like unpacking everything right away. So be sure to set aside the items you will need right away. Keep them in the car with you so they don’t accidentally get stored in your DAK Self-Storage unit. You will want to pack things like clothing, snacks, cooking supplies, toiletries, etc. If you plan ahead, you can make moving day less stressful for both yourself and your family.