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dak self storage supply storeDon’t let moving and storage turn into a hassle! We have an on-site supply shop that can help you  store your belongings quickly and effectively.

We offer a wide array of products that are critical to the move-in, move-out process. Items such as boxes, rope, shrink wrap, duct tape, and more help fill in any gaps that you may have overlooked.

Our store is available to patrons during normal office hours and via appointment.

What We Offer:

Small Box (12″)
Medium Box (16″)
Large Box (20″)
Bubble Wrap (Lg)
Bubble Wrap (Sm)
Chair Cover (2)
Color Key Caps (6)
Damp Check 12oz.
Damp Check 32oz.
Damp Check Refill 12oz.
Dust Cover (10×20)
Flashlight w/ Batteries
Fragile Tape w/ Dispenser
Key Color ID Rings
Lock (Round Disc)
Mattress Bag (Full)
Mattress Bag (King)
Mattress Bag (Queen)
Mattress Bag (Twin)
Measuring Tape
Moving Blanket (Quilted)
Moving Labels
Peanuts (Biodegradable)
Ratchet Tie Down
Rope 50′ Nylon
Shrink Wrap 5″ Clear
Sofa Cover
Stretch Cords (10 Pack)
Sure Grip Cotton Gloves
Tape 2″ x 50 Roll
Tape Gun with 2 Rolls of Tape
Twin Tip Marking Pen
Used Plastic Pallet
Utility Knife
Bic Lighter