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If you’re new to the self storage process you may have a few questions about the whole thing. Even if you’re a storage vet, you may be wondering how we approach certain issues. The following are some common questions that we have encountered that should help inform you about your options.

What is a Climate Control Unit?

In our storage facility, we offer both indoor and outdoor units. Our indoor units are kept safer from the elements and maintain a temperature that never dips too low and raises too high. As such, liquids, fragile belongings, and valuable personal possessions are preserved better.

What is a Roll Up Door?

Most doors at DAK Self Storage are of the Roll Up variety. Similar to a garage door (without the power), roll up doors can be lifted open conveniently even if you have a truck pulled right up to the front of your unit.

Can I Drive Up to My Unit?

DAK Self Storage has very wide through-ways which allow for safe and convenient driving. You’ll have very little trouble driving up to your unit and navigating around fellow storage renters.

What Kind of Locks are Available?

Every storage unit on the premises uses a high test, tamper resistant lock. Renters do however maintain liability for their possessions.

What Are My Payment Options?

Recurring monthly payments can be made either through maildrop or via our online form. In-person payments can be made through cash, check, or credit card. Maildrop payments can be made through cash or check. Online payments can be made through credit card.

What Are the Hours of Operation?

DAK is open 7 days a week, 6am to 9pm. Entry to DAK grounds is always protected by keycode gate.

  • Mon 06:00 AM-09:00 PM
  • Tue 06:00 AM-09:00 PM
  • Wed 06:00 AM-09:00 PM
  • Thu 06:00 AM-09:00 PM
  • Fri 06:00 AM-09:00 PM
  • Sat 06:00 AM-09:00 PM
  • Sun 06:00 AM-09:00 PM

How Do I Pick a Unit Size?

Choosing the right storage size can save you money and hassle. Going too big can result in wasted space. Going to small will leave you with headaches and an inability to navigate your possessions easily.

When trying to determine what size is right for you, be sure to assess what you intend to store. Gauge the amount of items that will be in boxes, and how much of it you will need access to. Also be certain to consider any items that are fragile.

Fragile items should be stacked on top of other more durable items, and belongings you will need consistent access to should be stored toward the front of the unit.

The following is sizing advice on what each of our most common units can handle:

5′ x 5′ (25 sq. ft.):

Can hold a sofa, a small mattress set, boxes and small items. Useful for lamps, garden tools, or seasonal decorative items.

5′ x 10′ (50 sq. ft.):

Can handle furnishings such as a couch, table, as well as multiple chairs with some spare room for boxes.

10′ x 10′ (100 sq. ft.):

Accommodates belongings from multiple rooms, including living room and kitchen. Example items could be living room set, kitchen set, or two bed room sets.

10′ x 15′ (150 sq. ft.):

Can handle up to three bedroom sets, or large cumbersome items such as pianos and workout equipment.

8′ x 19′ (152 sq. ft.):

This room is longer and more slender, making it best for lengthy pieces of wood, pipe, benches, and living room sets.

10′ x 20′ (200 sq. ft.):

A very large space that can hold up to five bedroom sets. Can also handle bulky items like washers, dryers, living room furniture, and more.

UNIT SIZE APPROXIMATE: Unit sizes are approximate and for comparison purposes only.

To learn more about these storage units as well as see available pricing, browse here.