Whether you are moving house or just packing for vacation, you may dread packing. There are dozens of important items you have to remember to pack and countless other responsibilities to take care off. You may worry about forgetting something important and causing hassle for the rest of your family. If you plan ahead and stay organized, though, you can avoid problems. Be sure to research, packing lists online or check out DAK Self-Storage’s blog for more useful tips: https://dakselfstorage.com/blog/.

Once you are ready to start packing, though, there are many other ways to make the process more fun. Check out some of these fun ideas below!

Have a Party

If you are moving your items into DAK Self-Storage and have some friends or neighbors who would be willing to help you pack, throw a party. Don’t expect or force everyone to help. Not everyone has to give you their free time. However, if they do help order some pizzas or offer other snacks as a thank you for their help. Having others to talk to will help you pass the time. It will save you stress

While you don’t necessarily need a party to pack for vacation, you can have your family get together and help you pack. Let your kids choose which outfits they want to wear and what toys they want to play with. You can use it as an opportunity to teach them planning and organization skills.

Make a Playlist

Music has the ability to change your mood in a matter of minutes. It can make you sad, happy, energized or more. It all depends on what type of songs you listen to. Like talking with friends, music can help you pass the time. Before packing, build a playlist filled with energizing songs that you can dance or sing along to. Songs with a fast, upbeat tempo will work the best. If you don’t have time to make your own playlist, use an app that creates one for you. You can also jam out to your playlist on your way to DAK Self-Storage or your new home.

Make it a Game

Just jamming items into a box or suitcase is boring. Yet, if you find a way to make a game out of packing, you can make it more fun. Finding everything can be like a scavenger hunt and packing everything can be like Tetris. This is a great tactic to get your kids to help you pack. Have competitions to see who can fit more in a suitcase or see who can pack the same amount of items the fastest. If you set a specific goal, it can give you more drive to get the task done.

Keep It Simple

Don’t make the process more difficult than it has to be. Be smart and prioritize to save time. When you have to think a lot, you will get stressed out. By planning ahead of time you can simplify your task so actually packing everything can be a bit more fun. One way to simplify your task is using smaller boxes so you don’t get exhausted carrying and organizing them in a DAK Self-Storage unit. Make use of a wheeled suitcase of dolly as well. Break the process into smaller tasks so they don’t seem so overwhelming.

Enjoy the Nostalgia

While going through all your items, you may find many items that you have not seen in a while. Set aside a little extra time when planning to enjoy the nostalgia. You can send pictures of the cool items you find to people you shared connected memories with. If you are moving, this can also help give you a sense of closure as you move on to the next chapter in your life.

Reward Yourself

Once you are done packing and moving items into DAK Self-Storage, reward yourself for a job well done. You can treat yourself favorite junk food or go on an outing where you can just relax and have fun. By having a reward to look forward to during the process, you can distract yourself from the stress and problems. Then you can use whichever reward you choose to celebrate.