DAK Self-Storage can help you store almost any item you may need to store. However, just like making wishes with a genie, there are some rules you need to be aware of and follow. There are a variety of items that should never be stored in a DAK Self-Storage unit. When storing your items it is important to think things through and ask yourself if each item is safe to be stored in your unit.

Hazardous Items

One question you should ask yourself is, “Is this item dangerous or hazardous?” If it can explode, erode other items, or badly hurt someone, it likely should not be stored in your DAK Self-Storage unit. Some example items include fireworks, acid, gasoline, weapons, or ammo. Not only can these items potentially damage your items, but they can damage the actual unit and items in nearby units as well. You don’t want to be held liable for damages if a catastrophe occurs so think logically before storing.


Food attracts pests and eventually goes bad. You don’t want to return to a DAK Self-Storage unit that smells like a garbage can.  You also don’t want to find all of the other items in your unit destroyed by mice, rats, or insects. While you may be able to get away with storing canned or non-perishable food for a short period of time, you should avoid storing any other food. Even storing your pet’s food can be risky.

Animals or Plants

DAK Self-Storage is not a place to house your pets for any reason. If you can’t have your pet in your house or apartment, be responsible and find a new home for them. Even if it is only for a short period of time, there is a better solution. Ask a friend or neighbor to watch them or hire a professional pet sitter.

A DAK Self-Storage unit is no place for plants either. Plants need sunlight, water, and nutrients to survive. Our units do not have windows and having water and potting soil in your unit also provides a chance for items to spill. If left alone long enough, mold or fungi may start to grow. Keep your unit clean by not storing any items that can be spilled.

Dead Creatures or Organisms

Just like rotting food, dead creatures, and other organisms begin to smell horrible after some time. Even if you try to wrap it well or pack it in ice, it will continue to rot. Dead creatures are difficult to hide and you will likely get caught eventually. Doing so can also get you in a lot of trouble, so it is best to just avoid storing organisms altogether.

Items That Are Too Large for the Unit

One mistake DAK Self-Storage customers can make is forgetting to plan. Don’t simply guess what size unit you need without properly measuring. You don’t want to arrive at out Leesport facility only to find out your couch won’t fit. Doing so will only lead to headaches and eat up extra time while you rent a bigger storage unit.

Stolen or Illegal Items

This may seem like an obvious item to list, but it is a rule you need to follow. DAK Self-Storage is not a hiding place for items you stole. Nor is it a place to keep any illegal items you possess. Storing these items at our facility will not prevent you from getting in trouble. If caught, you will still get in trouble with the law.


While storing your valuables will likely not get you in legal trouble, it does pose a risk of losing these items for good. DAK Self-Storage offers 24/7 surveillance and quality locks on all units to keep your items safe. While it is highly unlikely robbers will get past our security, if they do, you don’t want to lose your most prized possessions. Keep them at home where you can watch them closely and admire them.