There are many reasons to ensure that your art pieces survive storage. They might be pieces from a well know artist that you spent a good chunk of money on, they could be something you created yourself, they could be a family heirloom or they could be something a child or loved one made for you. Whatever your reason is, DAK Self Storage in Leesport has created this brief guide to storing your artwork and documents so that you can ensure that your pieces don’t get ruined while in storage.

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Preventing Damage and Deterioration

When you put your documents or artwork into storage you want to do everything you can to avoid damage or deterioration. There are many variables that can cause these issues, including pest problems, natural processes, and the environment. Here are some tips to keep your papers protected.

  • Handle with Care – Whenever you have to touch or move your important documents use a gentle hand to avoid tears and dirt. If you need to carry a large piece such as a painting or poster, use a sturdy flat surface such as cardboard and carry it horizontally. This will prevent older papers from getting damaged due to a combination of natural deterioration and gravity. To prevent smudging any important pieces, you may also want to make sure your hands are clean or wear gloves before handling fragile artwork or papers.
  • Do Not Eat or Drink near Items – Don’t allow food or drinks near your items. A simple accident could cause a stain on your painting. Crumbs can also attract pests that may destroy your documents for nesting, food, etc.
  • Avoid Air Vents and Open Windows – Outdoor pollutants can also damage your valuables if not properly protected. If an air vent is unclean, it can bring mold and mildew. Open windows can let in pests and UV rays that can cause fading of paint and ink.
  • Interleave Artworks and Documents with Archival Tissue – This technique will help if you need to stack items. It will protect your papers from abrasion and ink or adhesive transfer from other items.



DAK Self Storage in Berks County has a variety of storage units with different features. If you wish to store documents a dry locker with climate control and no windows would be a good option to select. To keep your artwork and documents in the best condition possible you should store them at a temperature between 64 – 68 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity between 45-50 percent humidity. Storing them in places with a humidity over 65 percent risk mold growth.

You will also want to protect your DAK Self Storage locker from insects and rodents to the best of your ability. Avoid food and garbage in your unit, keep the unit as clean as possible, and check your unit regularly for insect and rodent outbreaks. By keeping a clean and controlled environment, you can help ensure that your documents will look as good as they did when you put them into storage.



Packaging each piece properly will also help make sure that your documents are protected from various elements. Packing paper in corrugated board storage boxes can provide a convenient micro-environment with layers in between documents to prevent the damaging effects of humidity and temperature.

When packing your papers into a storage unit, be sure to place the most needed documents and art pieces near the front of your unit. Placing your most important ones in the back can help prevent them from being stolen as they are more difficult to get to. You may also want to organize your art pieces or papers by category and label them for easy access. This will avoid the need for unnecessary handling that can add to damage or deterioration.

If you are moving, in charge of an upcoming art gallery or just need a place to store your items while you do home renovations, DAK Self Storage in Leesport can help. We have a variety of storage lockers will different features to protect almost any item you may need to store. To view available units, follow this link: