uhaul rental vanSelf storage, just like any investment, comes with a range of choices. Large, nationally-owned storage corporations can be found across the country. Smaller, locally-owned storage centers are also common. Which is the better option? They may appear similar, but there are a few key differences and it’s important to do your research and make an informed decision.

We hope to make that process a little easy by saying that we highly recommend choosing a local facility. Though we may seem a little biased, we have some points to support that idea and we will share them below.

Local Self Storage Facilities Offer Better Customer Service

The employees of locally-owned self storage centers are often much more helpful, knowledgeable of the area and offer service that is more effective. Nationally-owned chains often handle all phone calls using a script from a call center in another time zone. How much can a staff member really know about your unit in Leesport if they have never been on premises and speaking with you from an office across the country?

On the other hand, local customer service representatives always answer the phones onsite. They will know right away what size and which type of units are available without having to search through an extensive computer system possibly detailing thousands of storage facilities. They will be familiar with the units from personal experience and not from pictures or descriptions they read on a computer.

Local staff members can offer tips, recommendations, and directions because they are familiar with the area. This can be especially useful if you have recently moved and are still learning how to get around. They will also right away know specific details such as what security features are available at their facility and on your selected unit.

Moreover, if you have needs or concerns down the line you want to make sure you can speak with someone who can properly address your issues. Smaller facilities are more likely to have an owner or staff member physically on premises that you can speak with when visiting your unit.

Even if this does not seem like a huge deal, we believe local, knowledgeable service representatives will lead to much more personalized and effective customer experience. We want you to have confidence that your self storage center can provide a secure place for your belongings and will provide you with correct, immediate information.

Use of Local Self Storage Centers Supports Small Business

dak_self_storageWhen you choose a local self storage facility, you are supporting small business in your area and putting money back into the local economy. Strong small businesses make for more innovative, thriving, and connected towns. Owners of these companies often treat their employees and customers more like neighbors or even family rather than just another number.

This leads to a better, more ethical, and friendly business practice. Since smaller businesses rely on their own ability and hard work for success they are more likely to be motivated, conscious, and involved. They have more incentive to improve their services when business isn’t doing well. Quality customer service, retention, and loyalty is needed to keep local businesses going. As a result, these companies often have a strong attention to detail that translates to better facilities, cleaner units, landscaped grounds, and a friendlier staff.

Storage centers run by large corporations, on the other hand, are often bound by strict rules and regulations made by people that have never even visited the area. Those big business people probably care more about turning a profit that providing a quality service.

Small Storage Centers Only Need to Please the Customer

As another result of the small business setup, local storage facilities are more likely to keep steady rates and less likely to raise their rates. This is because they are merely interested in serving the nearby towns and don’t need to worry about national or international investors. Their only concern is what is best for the customer and the community.

Nationally-owned corporations, however, have thousands of employees to worry about, hundreds of facilities to manage, and wealthy investors to please. As a result they are concerned about their bottom and line and more likely to raise their rates to support their plans.

With a plethora of paychecks and promises to deliver on, your unit could just be the next sale to keep their numbers on track, which could translate to increased rates.

Locally-Owned Self Storage Near Reading, PA

DAK Self Storage is a locally-owned facility in Leesport, PA, serving residents of Berks, Reading, Kutztown, and the surrounding areas. We aim to provide excellent customer service to the community in a small business environment. Please feel free to browse our units today or contact us with any questions. As you assess your options, keep in mind the trusted customer service experience you deserve. Select a facility that can speak to their units and the neighborhood they serve.