Have you ever wondered who exactly is investing in self storage?

We sure have!self storage poll

I’m betting anyone in this industry has too. After all, part of what we do is provide services for individuals who need us. But if we don’t know who those people are, we can hardly provide tailored service.

Over the years we’ve seen customers from very diverse backgrounds. Some are experiencing down moments, due to divorce or loss of home. Some are in high spirits, starting up a new business or moving to a new location. Some, frankly, we have no clue. They come and go with barely a word of context (which is fine as long as they aren’t storing bomb components).

As a result of these ponderings, we have created two polls in order to give us all a little better insight into the self storage landscape. If you are in the self storage industry, vote on what you see the most in your day-to-day business. If you are customer, tell us a bit about how you got here.

Have fun!

If You’re A Storage Business Owner…

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If You’re A Self Storage Customer…

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The more answers we get, the better insight we’ll have! Be sure to share it around (use the floaty bar on the left <<<<