real-estate-374190_960_720For many people, the garage is one of the messiest places in their home. When you move items out of your living space, they usually go into either the basement, attic or garage. Your garage is a place for you to store tools and a place to protect your vehicles. However, other equipment for sports, music, etc., tend to find their way into the garage. If you want to clean and renovate your garage, DAK Self Storage can help. With local storage units in Berks County, DAK Self Storage can store your items for as long as you need.

Access the Clutter

The first step in redoing your garage, it to go through and get rid of some of the clutter. Throw away bikes your kids have outgrown, damaged sports equipment, rusted car parts, etc. If you have anything that belongs in a different room, move it there. Try to get rid of as much as you can. Store items you can’t part with in a Leesport DAK Self Store unit. With come creativity, some items can also be turned into a decoration later.

Use DAK Self Storage

If you want to paint, you will likely need to move out many of your larger items. You can store tool boxes, bikes, sports equipment, and other machinery at DAK Self Storage near Reading. By taking your equipment to a totally different area, you have more freedom to move about. When you don’t have to move furniture out of your way, you can save time and energy. Your garage will be finished faster and you can relax with your family.


putz-bucket-1290951_960_720The next step is to clean. Get rid of all the dirt and dust that have collected over time. This will clean the air and help you breathe more easily. It is also an important step if you plan on painting the walls or changing the floor. If you use painters tape, too much dust will prevent it from sticking. Debris can also cause lumps and imperfections in the paint. Cleaning gives you a blank canvas to start with. With an empty space, you can more easily imagine all of the changes you want to make.


After you clean, you will want to make any large changes such as painting and floor renovations. This is a good time to install a new garage door. You may also want to think about technological updates. You can install an HVAC system, a sink, a security system, speakers, or smoke detectors. It is good to add them before you put everything back in. This way you don’t have to move everything to install wiring.

Move Back In

Once your garage is renovated, you can move your equipment from DAK Self Storage back into your home. It is a good idea to put the larger items in first. Then, you can use smaller items to fill in unused spaces. Make sure that everything has a place. Buy storage units for tools, sports equipment, etc. This will help ensure that your garage doesn’t get messy again. Having an organized environment will help you feel happy and healthy.

To make your garage look good, try to avoid “trapped space.” Large portions of framed blank space draw your attention and become a focal point. Instead, make your focal points your car, a tool rack, or some interesting signs.


Finally, you can add some finishing touches. Make your garage reflect your personality. If you like cars, hang signs with your favorite brand logos. If you like sports, hang some memorabilia. Revamping your garage can make it a more pleasant place to be. With an organized space you can spend more time working on your car or just relaxing. DAK Self Storage in Leesport is happy to help you store your items for as long as you need. To view available units, follow this link: