One way to save money when renting a storage unit is to share the space and split the cost. Sharing can be a great idea as long as you are sharing with someone you trust. If personalities clash, you may find yourself in a stressful situation. The person you are sharing the locker with could end up making your experience miserable. You may get stuck with damaged items or paying the full rent. To help you protect yourself, DAK Self Storage offers these tips for sharing a storage locker.



Whoever signs the rental agreement, is legally responsible for the unit. When you are in control, you have the authority to kick out anyone who is causing problems. However, if someone is not paying their part of the rent, you will be responsible for paying the entire bill. You will want to ask yourself if your share partner is responsible and trustworthy. It is important to weigh the benefits and consequences of using your name to rent the unit. Be sure to make the decision that works best for you.

Splitting the Cost and Space

The easiest way to split the cost and space is by dividing both in half. This works well if you both have the same amount of items to store. If one person needs more space, they should be paying more. The simplest and fairest way to divide the cost is by comparing it to the amount of space you need. If one person uses ¾ of the space, they should pay 75% of the bill.

If you have extra space you may want to think about adding another storage partner. The extra person can use the empty space and you won’t have to pay for the unused storage room. Also, make sure that your original storage partner agrees to add the person. This will help you avoid potential arguments or conflicts.

Document Everything

One of the best ways to protect your belongings is to document everything. Create a list of every item you store in your DAK Self Storage unit along with their condition. Mention and dents, scratches or fading colors on your belongings. This way you can tell if someone else damaged your item or if it was already damaged when you stored it. You may also want to take photos as evidence. By documenting your possessions, you have proof, if any of your items get lost or damaged.



When sharing anything, there is always a chance for disputes. People have different morals and ways of doing things. When their ideas clash, arguments may occur. When this happens, the first thing you should do is stay calm and try to find a compromise. If that doesn’t work, you should get an outsiders opinion. When someone is not involved in the emotions of an argument, they can think and judge rationally.

If you still cannot come to a solution, you may want to think about walking away from the deal. Find a new storage partner or rent your own unit. You should trust your instincts and do what you have to do to protect yourself. If sharing is stressing you out, it is not worth sticking around and dealing with the problem.

Sharing Storage Units at DAK Self Storage in Berks County

Sharing a DAK Self Storage unit is a common solution for saving money on rent. Many college students use this tactic to keep extra items nearby while they are away from home. If you need storage in Berks County, DAK Self Storage can help. We have a variety of storage lockers in a convenient Leesport location. To help you protect your valuables, we have 24/7 video monitoring and security locks on all the units. To find an available unit, follow this link: