person-731144_960_720Moving can be an overwhelming task, especially if you have children. You have to worry about your responsibilities and supervise your children as well. You need to help console them and make sure they take care of their responsibilities. These tasks become even more difficult when your child is not particularly fond of the idea. If they are closely attached to their home and friends, they may rebel and make moving more difficult.

DAK Self-Storage in Leesport is here to help. Below you will find some tips to help make moving with your child easier. If you are moving near the Berks County area, DAK Self-Storage can store your items. We have a variety of unit sizes and features to accommodate almost any item you may need to store. To DAK Self-Storage’s available units, follow this link:

Communicate with a Family Meeting

Having a family meeting is a great way to let your kids know you are moving. It allows you the time to explain why you are moving and answer any questions they may have. You can inform them of the process and let them know what their responsibilities will be. If they are upset, you can address their concerns and try to console them. Be positive and show them the benefits of moving.  The earlier you let them know, the more time they will have to process the news.

Keep Them Involved

If they were not involved with the decision to move, they may feel powerless. Keeping them involved, helps give them a sense of control. Show them their new house through pictures or a visit. Show them which room is theirs. This gives them something to think about and look forward to. They can plan where they are going to put their furniture and how they are going to decorate.

Many children like feeling useful. They want to help you and make you happy. Find some simple tasks that they can help with to keep them involved with the moving process. They can sort, pack, and take care of their belongings. If they are old enough, they can also help you clean and pack your things. If you store your possessions at DAK Self-Storage, you can also bring them along to help you move boxes. They may not be strong enough to help you move heavy furniture, but they can help you move lighter items.


The fewer items you have to move, the easier moving will be. You should begin to declutter your home months before moving day. Get rid of all the items you don’t need anymore. It doesn’t make sense to just move the clutter to another place. You can also organize a moving sale to make some extra money. Let your kids sell their old toys. Making other kids happy, may help your child feel good.

Ask your kids to do the same. There are likely to have grown out of some of their clothing. They may also have toys they do not play with anymore. If they can’t see getting rid of certain items due to an attached memory, it is okay to let them keep it. Moving can be nerve-racking. Keeping memorable items can help them feel more secure.

Keep Some Toys Out of Storage

Seeing all your toys put away for a while can be distressing. Let your child keep a few toys out to provide comfort and a distraction. If you need a place to store the rest of their items during the moving process, consider DAK Self-Storage in Leesport. DAK Self-Storage provides clean and secure storage units. Your children’s toys and belongings will be safe.

Plan Moving Day

Moving day can be hectic. You should plan and have as much as you can ready for moving day. Make a list of what you have to do. Let your children know a few days ahead of time what you expect from them. Also tell them what their responsibilities are. Let them know what time you plan on leaving, how long the car ride will be, etc. This will allow them to plan themselves. Just like you, they don’t like rushing around at the last minute either.

Let Them Say Goodbye

Before you leave, be sure to let your little one visit their friends and favorite places. Moving can make it seem like they are losing everything they know. Visiting their best friends and favorite places can help. If there is something they always wanted to do but never got to, they can have one more chance. They can also set up plans with their friends to stay in touch. With your help and allowance, they can make plans to visit each other or write to each other.

Another option is to host a “See You Soon” party. This can help them say that they may not see their friends every week anymore, but they will always be friends. They can exchange gifts to remember each other by and make even more memories. Moving can be scary for a child. By using these tips from DAK Self-Storage, you can help get them through the process. Just remember to support them, and show that you care about how they feel.