writing-1149962_960_720If you own a small business that sells merchandise, your workspace may be cluttered. When you don’t have room to work, it can be difficult to get work done. A mess can distract you from your responsibilities. You constantly think about organizing or cleaning up. If this sounds familiar, you should consider storing your extra inventory at DAK Self-Storage.

DAK Self-Storage has been helping businesses and homeowners store their property for many years. We have a variety of units in Berks County to store different types and amounts of merchandise. DAK Self-Storage also offers advice on organizing and storing your products.

Record Your Inventory

When you run a business, it is important to know what you have. You need to know when to restock or when to push sales on certain items. It is a good idea to keep a detailed inventory of what you store in a DAK Self-Storage unit. You should record the item type, brand, quantity, make, serial numbers, condition, etc. You should consider purchasing insurance in the off chance that your items get damaged.

A detailed inventory helps keep you organized. It saves stress and time. There are many apps available that can help you keep track of your stock. You can also use paper and pencil. It is a good idea to keep backup lists in a few different places. You may also want to create a map of where you store each item and neatly label your boxes.

Order Boxes Strategically

When you move your inventory into a DAK Self-Storage unit, be sure to think about how to organize your boxes. You should plan the layout ahead of time. Assuming that you can simply figure it out when you arrive, is not a reliable strategy.

Be sure to measure each item so that you can choose an appropriately-sized unit. If you need help estimating a size, you can contact DAK Self-Storage online or by phone. If you want to view DAK Self-Storage’s available units, you can do so here:  https://ecom.quikstor.com/dakselfstorage/ShowAvailableUnits.aspx?action=rent.

storage lockerKeep Your Best Sellers with You 

If you have a few bestsellers, you should keep them nearby, either in your home or business building. This ensures that you have this item on hand and don’t have to travel every time you get an order. Figure out how much you can store at your home or business location. Then conveniently store the rest of your inventory at DAK Self-Storage’s facility near Reading.

Keep More Popular Items near the Front

While you keep your bestsellers with you, you should store other popular items near the front of your DAK Self-Storage unit. This ensures that they are easily accessible so that you can just pick them up and go.

Keep Valuable Merchandise in the Back

Meanwhile, you should keep your most valuable items buried in the back. This helps ensure safety. If anyone intends on stealing your items, they will go for reachable merchandise first. You may also want to consider purchasing a locked safe for your prized items.

Choose the Right Unit

Your sales keep your business running. Therefore, you need to protect your stock to decrease losses. The right environment will help you ensure product quality. DAK Self-Storage has a variety of features to accommodate your stock. We have climate control and indoor storage units available for rent. Fe sure to research the proper storage environment for your merchandise.

Properly Package Your Merchandise

Finally, you also need to properly package your inventory for safety. You will also need to do some research to learn how to properly store your inventory. Check our DAK Self-Storage’s blog for how to articles and storage tips. DAK Self-Storage also has a store on site if you need extra packing and storage supplies. We can help you keep your merchandise safe, so you can keep your business successful.