James and Regina Germany found themselves in tough straits. When disabilities prevented them from working they weren’t able to keep their home. Luckily James realized there was a small buffer between him and the street – his self storage unit.

“I rented this storage unit once before so when they threw us out I put my stuff in this unit. When we couldn’t find a place to stay I put us here too.”

The Odessa, Texas storage facility charges $70 a month for the space, a much more affordable rate than any nearby apartment complex. A lack of funds and housing options in the area has restricted the couple’s ability to move to a more formal living unit.

James explains the toughest part of the living situation is the lack of bathroom, kitchen, and running water. He makes due by using local facilities and showering at his sister’s home.

Interestingly, James and Regina are not the only individuals using self storage for living. The Odessa facility has a handful of other squatters on the same property.

As the quality and availability of self storage continues to increase, it is likely the trend of living in units will also increase unless the economy makes a stable and quick recovery.