At DAK we pride ourselves on providing a storage experience that customers can rely on. While we do not ensure or guarantee your possessions while in our facility, we take every step to make sure you have the tools to store confidently. This includes high test locks, video surveillance, insurance policies and more.

Valuable items like jewelry, antiques, collections, merchandise, and more are welcome at DAK.

Our security features include:

  • Fence enclosed facility
  • Accessible by keypad gate only, during operating hours
  • 24/7 video surveillance system that uses over 20 cameras
  • Every storage unit protected by a tamper resistant lock
  • Additional keypad access on indoor units

Many of our tenants choose to keep valuable items in self storage rather than at home because of the cost of insurance. Storage insurance is often much more affordable than home insurance. DAK is partnered with Storsmart and you will have the opportunity to purchase a policy when you sign your storage agreement. Plans are affordable and customized to the value of your items. Even if you chose self storage for other reasons, it is a good idea to purchase insurance on valuable items in the case of unforeseen circumstances.

Maybe, however, the value on your items isn’t monetary, but sentimental. In both cases, we recommend using indoor units to preserve these items. Our indoor units are temperature controlled to keep your items cool, dry and safe from moisture in the air. These are great for wine, books, art, and family photographs or videos.

Indoor units generally cost $5-$10 more a month, to cover electricity costs. However, the cost will probably be worth it for your peace of mind. You will never have to worry about your items becoming too cold, too hot, or exposed to the elements. Our indoor units can house a large range of item sizes. We offer units as small as lockers to those large enough to fit several pieces of furniture.

As an added security measure, our indoor facility is protected by keypad access in addition to high test cylinder locks on every unit.

Rent your storage unit with DAK in Berks County today!