Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, leaving large amounts of destruction in her wake. New Jersey was hit extremely hard, losing entire parts of it’s beach. The northeast experienced millions of dollars worth of damage and even suffered from loss of life.

Berks County and Leesport did not go unscathed. Our area suffered from high winds, excessive rain, and damage from downed trees and power lines. Many individuals experienced home damage ranging from mild to severe.

If you find yourself in a position where reconstruction is needed, considering letting us help with your situation. We offer short term storage for individuals who simply need to get their possessions out of the way while working on recovery. Our units vary in size and cost, making self storage an extremely safe and affordable option.

We don’t just work in this area; we live here too. We understand what it’s like to experience this kind of damage and the disarray it can cause. We hope we can be part of your solution!