store a wedding dressDAK Self Storage supports local entrepreneurs and small business owners. As a small business ourself, we believe that locally-owned companies can provide quality service and a stronger sense of community. We encourage Reading and Berks County residents to support the local economy by shopping small whenever possible. This includes boutiques, clothing stores, and consignment shops. If you sell clothing and accessories nearby Leesport, PA, we are happy to offer an affordable solution to your storage needs.

Benefits of Self Storage for Boutiques and Clothing Stores

Clothing boutiques excel by offering unique, quality items to customers with personalized service. Some boutiques focus on the cutting edge of fashion and consistently update the selection of products. Others prefer to seek specialty items to stock the shelves. However you choose to operate your shop, you are likely to have inventory storage and stocking issues at one point or another.

Storage at a storefront location can be difficult and expensive to come by. Any extra space often needs to be devoted to a dressing room, cash register, or back office. This can be especially problematic when you are just starting out or are located in a big city. Prime boutique locations on Penn Street, for example, are compact and come with a high amount of rent. In addition, small business owners often want to invest the most in a quality product and find other ways to cut costs. The best clothing and accessories can come at a high expense and will take priority over a large storefront.

Solutions for Extra and Offseason Inventory

If you have too much inventory to display or need to take seasonal items off the shelves, consider self storage for the extra items. It can be tempting to store excess products at home, but this can only be a temporary solution. Eventually the items will outgrow the space or become overwhelming to family members. Plus, when you work hard during the day, you don’t want your work following you home. Another easy option is to keep merchandise in the back office for a time. But this can quickly become too cluttered and stressful. A productive work space is one that is clean and neat.

Some boutiques try to mimic corporate stores by placing offseason items on sale just to clear them out quickly. However, big businesses are in a much better place to take a loss than local entrepreneurs. If you’d rather not lose money, self storage is a convenient solution to stash items until they come back in season.

Self Storage Near Reading, PA

Renting a self storage unit can be beneficial to small boutiques, clothing stores, and consignment shops in Berks County. It is a safe, clean, and secure, way to declutter and storefront and accommodate excess or offseason merchandise. Self storage can also offer a location for sales documents and other recordkeeping materials.

DAK Self Storage offers affordable storage to clothing store owners in Berks County. Contact us today to rent a unit and provide a secure, local space for your inventory. Be sure to read up on the proper way to store clothing when renting your unit.