auctionStorage owners are never particularly happy about storage auctions since they mean tenants have been grossly delinquent on their accounts and the owner has been losing money for months. Nevertheless, auctions are unarguably exciting and a great way for outside individuals to score great deals. In that way, we’re happy to be a part of them!

Storage Auction Rules

If you enjoy the show Storage Wars you’ll be right at home with out auction process. We do full units going to the highest bidder. Purchases must be made in cash and paid in full at time of auction. Property inside the unit must be removed at time of auction (leaving unwanted items in the unit is not a possibility, we want that unit empty so we can rent it out to a responsibility new tenant).

Storage Auction Dates

Competitive bidding will begin at 12 noon on June 1st, 2013. Bring sunscreen, water, and the eye of the tiger.

Storage Auction Contents

We do not have pre-existing knowledge of unit contents, however there are quite a few to bid on so the chances of scoring one are high. We will be auctioning the following units:

* Unit 7
* Unit 17
* Unit 25
* Unit 84
* Unit 130
* Unit 174
* Unit 193
* Unit L27


If you have any questions about our auction we are happy to help. Our goal is to move these units out and have a good time while doing it. Reach out to us and let us know how we can help you.