More and more small businesses owners are realizing the affordability of using self storage as an alternative for small business operations. Buying a warehouse or office (or even renting either) can be a costly proposition filled with fees and taxes. For some businesses a well exposed, professional space is integral to success. But for many other businesses a simple protected space is more than enough to augment the business.

Extra Space Storage recently reported on some individuals taking self storage integration to the next level by moving their entire business into their space:

“When the Galmont Ballet Center moved into the Viera Business Centerin Rockledge, Florida, it may have seemed like a strange idea at first, but when they were done with renovations on four 800 square foot units they had a pair of dance studios complete with wooden floors and a nice lobby.

The lease here is not so expensive like a commercial lease,” Frank Galvez, co-owner of Galmont Ballet said. “And we’re artists. We’re dreamers. We’re not business people. So for us, this is working very well.

Americans are not the only ones that are taking advantage of the low cost of self storage space. At a Safestore facility in the UK Phillip Else is living his dream inside one of the storage units.”

Of course space restrictions and township zoning laws greatly affect a businesses ability to move a business into self storage space. However the major lesson here is that with a little effort and foresight a self storage space becomes highly functional for business.

Most storage spaces lack amenities like electricity, running water, heat, windows, etc. As such, not every business is suited for primary operation out of a storage unit. However most small businesses require a significant amount of storage for equipment, files, material, and projects. For these kinds of business self storage is an excellent potential solution.