One of the most commonly requested items for self storage is furniture. Sometimes when moving about furniture becomes a real burden, especially if you are moving into a smaller home.

Having too much furniture creates a cunundrum – do you sell it off in the hopes of never needing it, or do you attempt to bring it with you and go through the hassle and clutter of moving it?

A finely balanced solution is taking your furniture to a self storage facility.

Most self storage facilities welcome furniture and even include means of accommodating bigger pieces. At DAK, we utilize an on-site supply store to provide things like moving gloves, tie downs, nylon rope, etc etc. Furniture can be tricky to maneuver and you want to optimize your chances of success without causing any damage.

It is highly recommended that if you have valuable or delicate pieces of furniture that you utilize a climate controlled facility. Excessive heat and cold can cause damage to material, especially fine leather.

Utilize a two pronged attack to get the best self storage experience:

1. Properly wrap and stack your furniture so as to avoid damaging shifting during transit and storage.

2. Provide a climate controlled environment to avoid mildew, must, and temperature related damage.

When done properly, self storage can be a life saver for furniture storage needs.