outdoor self storage leesportOne of the first concerns you’ll have when shopping for self storage is pricing. If a facility’s prices are too steep then it doesn’t matter how much you like their location or their business policies. One thing that we do at DAK is keep our prices as competitively low as possible without cutting corners on quality. The result is a facility that has all the polish and security you would want with rates that are generally cheaper than anyone else in the area.

You don’t have to take our word for it though, we are very transparent about our rates so that you can make an informed decision. When browsing our units, keep in mind the two biggest deciding factors on cost will be size and location. Size is obvious – the bigger the unit the more we have to charge for that space. However location is also a factor, most notably whether your desired unit is indoors or outdoors. Since our indoor facility is climate controlled the rate is generally a few bucks more a month. That being said, the differences in prices are not that steep so we don’t think cost will be a deterrent no matter what your needs.

Let’s check out some units!

The link above will take you to all of our available units. Keep track of the size and location of each one listed as that will explain any notable price differences. Some of our smaller units (roughly 5’x5′) are extremely affordable, as low as $25-$35 a month. These are perfect for individuals who need to store some business equipment in the area for quick pick up, or home/apartment owners who need to get a few annoying parcels out of the way.

We have extremely spacious units (10’x20′) that can be rented for under $100 a month. You could store entire rooms worth of furniture or even vehicles comfortably in these kinds of units.

That’s about it, why not go take a look right now at what we have available?