Students going on break often find themselves contemplating what to do with all their stuff. After all, most students don’t need desks, beds, carpets, and appliances at home.

Depending on the length of travel for the student, packing and transporting possessions can be both a hassle and an expense. The more transportation needed, the more gas used and the higher likelihood of things breaking during transit.

In some cases, it is much easier and more affordable to acquire a self storage unit nearby.

The Convenience of Storing For Students

Most students only need access to their clothes and computers when going home. The rest of their belongings become clutter, annoying and cramping the entire family. Many students opt to acquire a storage unit which provides protection and convenience during the months they are away.

DAK Self Storage is located about 15-20 mins away from Kutztown University in the friendly town of Leesport. DAK is just off of highway 61, back far enough to avoid the din of highway traffic.


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DAK offers both large outdoor units and climate controlled units. The entire facility is keycode access only and is monitored 24/7 by a comprehensive camera surveillance system. Each storage unit comes with tamper resistant cylinder locks.

The Affordability of Storage

Some people worry that a storage unit is an added expense. However, thanks to the wide variety of sizes (both indoor and out), acquiring a unit for a few months is extremely affordable. In fact, when considering the cost of truck rental, gas, item packing, and space usage, the cost is virtually negligible.

Special Deal For Kutztown University Studentskutztown storage boxes

KU Students are entitled to a special offer – $1 for first month’s rental on select units (mostly the ones applicable to student renting). The only obligation is providing a second month’s regular rental at the time of agreement.

How to Rent a Unit

If you think renting a unit might be right for you, you can begin browsing the unit selection online or calling us at 610-926-1310. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and assist you throughout the process.