While city living can come with perks such as close proximity to food and fun, it can also get cramped at times. The tight houses packed close to each other allows for only small amounts of yard and storage space. Even if you’re the owner of a larger home, there is little excess to store bulky belongings.

Many city dwellers have decided to integrate self storage into their lifestyle. Self storage provides ample room for items both big and small, and storage facilities offer a wide assortment of space. Self storage units can range from quaint and inexpensive lockers to cavernous drive-up garages that can fit cars, boats, and more.

Where Should You Store?

If you’ve decided to utilize self storage, one of the first questions you might ask yourself is – where exactly should I store?

There are some facilities located inside the city. They offer close access to your belongings. As a trade off, they often run security risks as thieves realize the amount of belongings sitting nearby, unattended to. Furthermore, they often must charge extra in order to pay for the pricey city real estate.

Alternatively, DAK Self Storage is a nearby facility that is located in Leesport, 5-10 minutes out of the city. While arriving at DAK does require a short car ride, the benefit is highly affordable pricing, less congestion, and a pleasant, quiet experience away from serious city action. DAK’s facility is entirely fenced with key code access as well as 24/7 surveillance video.

How Much Should You Pay?

Make sure you don’t pay too much when renting. If you call us, we can determine the optimal space you need so as not to be paying for extra unused space. To reach out to us, call 610-926-1310, or utilize our free online form.

What Can You Store?

You may be wondering what’s appropriate or inappropriate to store. The good news is, most items are allowed in storage. Furniture, equipment, washers, dryers, cars…it’s all good. Should you have sensitive items like books, art, paperwork, etc, you can get a climate controlled unit that is inside our main building.outdoor self storage leesport

There are certain things that cannot be stored, and most of them follow common sense. For example: explosives, toxic chemicals, drugs, animals, stolen items, medical waste, gasoline, and counterfeit money.

If you aren’t sure about something you own and it’s acceptability for storage, just contact us and we’ll help you.