Walking around the grounds of a self storage facility at night can spark up the imagination. Who knows what creepy bad guy might be waiting around the corner? What if a serial killer has taken up shop in one of your units and you don’t realize it until it’s too late?

Thankfully the worst thing most tenants and owners ever find is a banged up storage door with no note left behind on who did it.

Woodhaven Production Co. and Verdi Productions are ready to ramp up the possibilities in an upcoming film entitled “Self-Storage”. The story will follow a handful of characters that get locked inside of a self storage facility. Their goal was to have the party of a lifetime, but instead end up in mortal danger with no chance of escape.

Self Storage owners (in real life) needn’t worry about negative consequences to the industry. It’s clear that shows like “Storage Wars” helped ramp up interest in auctions, but the truth is almost all exposure is valuable exposure.

When the movie “Sideways” came out it blew up the wine world. Merlot sales plummeted, but overall the industry benefited from the quirky and temperamental set of characters. The more attention the self storage industry gets, the more commonplace it will be in the mindset of Americans. Having that familiarity will only lead to more interactions.

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