540441_10152604040848263_2431468167995321017_nReading, PA and its surrounding area is an excellent location to attend college. We’ve got the best of both worlds: Students can take advantage of everything the nearby urban environment provides– museums, research centers, tourist attractions, shops, restaurants, nightlife, and plenty of events throughout the year.

On the other hand, you’re never too far from beautiful parks like Blue Marsh and Gring’s Mill which offer peaceful scenery for studying or recreation. So whether you’re attending Kutztown, Penn State, Alvernia, or Albright, you’ve chosen to a great and diverse place to live for the next four years or so.

However, there’s one thing about the college experience that you may not enjoy: The small dorm room or apartment! It can be frustrating trying to fit all your stuff in a cramped space you are often sharing with multiple other people. So what can you do? DAK is a local self storage facility in Leesport convenient to all Reading area colleges. Let us share with you a few of the reasons you should consider self storage while in school:

Small Dorm Rooms

As mentioned earlier, small dorm rooms is the number one reason to consider renting a self storage unit while in college. Sometimes there’s just not enough room to fit all your (and your roommate’s) stuff! If you get along with the people you live with, you can even consider sharing a unit to decrease costs (though DAK prides ourselves on being extremely affordable!).

Self storage is a convenient place to keep the stuff you aren’t using everyday and just takes up valuable space in your room or apartment. They say a clean and clutter-free environment is most conducive to studying and relaxation after all!

Off-Season Clothing and Items

In Berks County, our fall season is beautiful, our winters harsh and freezing, our springs mild, and the last few weeks of the semester turn out pretty heated. It seems tedious to transport the same seasonal clothing items back and forth from your home for the next four years. Driving home for your clothes every time the seasons change is just annoying. Yet, there is never enough room to keep everything you wear all year in your shared closet at once.

No one can tell you what it’s like to wear sweatpants on a surprise 75 degree day in March like an ill-prepared college student! Don’t be caught without any shorts to wear on a beautiful spring day. If you keep your off-season clothing in a local storage unit, you can easily retrieve the items when needed.

Home is Far Away

If your home is several hours away or even not within driving distance, this is an especially good reason to rent a self storage unit. You simply cannot afford (with time or money) to take frequent trips home to retrieve seasonal items with exams and internships and everything else going on. However, even those that live only an hour or so away may find that they prefer driving just a few minutes to a self storage unit instead of making the trip home.

Summer Break Storage

Another thing college students find annoying–most campuses don’t allow you to keep items there over the summer, even if you will be living in the same room next year. It seems pointless to move the same stuff back and forth for years to come. A self storage unit will keep all of your school belongings right where you need them–local to your college campus. This makes for a much easier transition every semester.

DAK welcomes you to Berks County! We offer a secure, affordable, and local self storage facility to help college students in the Reading area. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to rent a unit today.