DAK Self Storage supports Berks County entrepreneurs, locally-owned companies, and small businesses. As a small business ourself, we believe local companies can provide a greater level of customer service and personalization than big business. We are proud to offer local, affordable self storage solutions to entrepreneurs based in near Berks County.

Entrepreneurs in many different types of industries can find self storage to be valuable to their success. Just a sampling of entrepreneurs that should consider renting a storage unit:

  • Landscaper or contractor
  • Artist or crafter
  • Decor or clothing designer
  • Furniture builder
  • Clothing store or boutique owners
  • Restaurant operators
  • Electronics or other repair shop
  • Local theatre or art gallery
  • Independent publisher
  • EBay, Etsy, Amazon shop owners

Self Storage Provides Additional Space for Business Owners

businessmeetingMany small business start operating out of the owner’s home and may upgrade to a rented office space. But just because a business is considered “small,” doesn’t mean it can comfortably fit in your spare room, garage, or office. A local business that employs only a small number of people quite often requires a big amount of physical supplies and materials. Merchandise, products, equipment, tools, and files are just a few of the items that can make a small business seem very large. The range of items required to operate a successful company can easily accumulate and crowd the home or office space where you first started.

If you need additional space to grow your business, but are not financially prepared to rent office space yet, self storage can be the next step. Self storage is much more cost-effective than renting an office and comes with as many if not more security features. When your business outgrows your home, consider self storage as a affordable and secure solution.

Home Offices and Rented Office Locations Can Benefit

computer storageSelf storage is a versatile option to manage the physical items that come along with your business. Both home and rented office locations can lack adequate storage space for work-related items.

If you work from home, you may need additional space to keep stuff that simply won’t fit. Or maybe you do have the space, but family members are quickly becoming overwhelmed by supplies and material that crowd the home. Even you may find that it can be overwhelming to have unneeded clutter around when you are trying to concentrate on your work.

If you already rent or own an office and have employees on premises or customers that visit, you’ll want to keep the space presentable, neat, and clutter-free. You can create a much more productive work space by moving excess or unnecessary items to a separate location. A good impression is essential to attracting and retaining customers and that can be difficult with boxes of files or supplies around.

Renting a self storage unit can be a convenient solution to lack of space. There are many ways to use self storage to improve and organize your business. Some of the possible items to keep in your unit include:

  • Bulky files and business records
  • Confidential materials
  • Surplus or off-season merchandise
  • Important equipment and tools
  • Extra materials or supplies
  • Finished products and samples

Self Storage Near Leesport, PA

Entrepreneurs and small business owners based in or near Leesport, PA are welcome at DAK Self Storage. Choose our facility if you are looking for a local, reliable self storage company that understands the entrepreneurial spirit. We operate a secure, affordable, and conveniently-located facility for business owners throughout Berks County. Feel free to check out our website or blog posts for more information and please contact us with any questions. If you are ready to rent, we welcome you to browse available units today.