leesport craftsDAK Self Storage supports the innovation of  local entrepreneurs and small businesses and this includes those that operate primarily online. Thanks to the rise in online shops like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon, anyone that has the talent to create a unique product can access a wide range of distribution means. These websites offer an easy and convenient way to sell your items to customers all over the world without a physical storefront. With a great product and good marketing strategy, success is very possible.

Artists can open Etsy shops to sell homemade crafts such as furniture, decorations, clothing, and accessories. Collector’s can sell books, CD’s, albums, movies, and a range of other items on Amazon Marketplace. Entrepreneurs can resell all kinds of valuable items on eBay. If you operate an online shop and are based in or near Leesport, PA, we have some important advice to offer you.

If you’re just starting out, the thought of having too many orders to handle is often the last thing on your mind. However, it’s good to prepare for the best or risk becoming overwhelmed in all the orders and and merchandise. Space and organization for your inventory can be difficult to come by when your shop reaches a certain level of success. Maybe the garage or spare room could accommodate your products as first. but now you need to increase the volume of items. Here are some inventory management tips for when your business outgrows your home.

Inventory Management Tips for Online Entrepreneurs based in Berks County

1. Keep track of busy and slow seasons. Identify your busy and slow times of the year. Products are often very popular in certain seasons and not so much in others. For example, if you sell hand-crafted notebooks and pencils, your store will likely receive more orders in the back-to-school season of August and September. If you shop specializes in hand-sewn scarves and blankets, the fall and winter will be your busy seasons.

2. Take advantage of the slow season. The off-season is the perfect time to create or accumulate items in preparation. Use the slow time productively and get a head start by stocking your inventory. Careful planning and advance work will make busier periods much easier to handle.

3. Keep popular items in stock. Make educated predictions when selecting which items to stock for the coming seasons based off of past orders. Always keep the most popular products in stock to avoid the dreaded backorder.

4. Create a storage system. Find an organization system that works for your business so you can keep up with demand as it rises. Some ideas: Organize by alphabetical order, color, or merchandise type. Choose a separate place to keep finished and packed orders ready to be shipped.

5. Rent a self storage unit. Self storage will provide adequate space for merchandise, tools, and extra materials so these don’t overwhelm your home.

Benefits of Self Storage for eBay and Etsy Shop Owners

Self storage is an affordable and secure option for online entrepreneurs to organize merchandise at any time in the process from production to shipment. Store owners really don’t need a physical storefront or office space, so investing in that would be a waste. On the other hand, it’s smart to have a space outside the home that you can utilize for work projects. Self storage is a convenient and local solution. The space can be used to store products, extra tools, materials, supplies, and packaged items waiting to be shipped. Any valuable equipment or sensitive materials can be kept in great condition with the help of climate controlled indoor units.

Self Storage Near Reading, PA

If you are seeking a local, reliable self storage facility that understands the entrepreneurial spirit, look no further than DAK Self Storage. We are a secure, affordable, and locally-owned facility in Leesport, accessible for residents across Berks County. We welcome you to contact us with any questions or browse available units.