lawnDAK Self Storage supports locally-owned companies and small businesses. As a locally-owned and operated company, we believe these types of businesses can offer a higher quality of service than big name corporations. We encourage Reading and Berks County residents to support their neighbors by utilizing local services and supporting small businesses whenever possible. This includes landscaping, garden design, and other outdoor contracting services. If you are a landscaper or contractor local to Leesport, PA, we are proud to offer an affordable solution to your storage needs.

Equipment Storage for Landscapers

Landscapers use a variety of equipment depending on season and project. Companies in this industry are likely to have plenty of business during the spring, summer, and fall months.

Spring requires a clean up of fallen trees, leftover leaves, and other debris that was trapped under the ice all winter, as well as weed prevention and property maintenance. Fall presents a need for leaf cleanup and raking before the snow arrives. This calls for rakes, leaf blowers, and other yard tools.

Summer brings the peak landscaping season, including, weed whacking, lawn maintenance, building of rock walls, framing and setting up gardens, planting trees, flower, or bushes, and a big focus on the general presentation and design of the yard. This calls for lawn mowers, weed whackers, rocks and garden materials, shovels, and hand tools.

Winter, on the other hand, is a very slow season. So much so that many landscapers turn to snow maintenance during this time! It’s not unusual to find these businesses offering snow plow, removal, and salting services during the winter. This requires snow blowers, plows, shovels, and salt hoppers.

Storing this range of equipment is not easy and presents a variety of problems.

Landscaping Storage Problems

Equipment Can Accumulate

Business owners in the landscaping and backyard design industries are bound to accumulate equipment over the years. Those concerned with the aesthetic and appearance of the environment outside the home will use a range of tools and machinery to satisfy the consumer. The items needed can range by project type and time of year: Lawn mowers, leaf blowers, wood, drills, saws, shovels, power tools, hand tools are just some of the equipment contractors might use.

Equipment Can Be Bulky and Difficult to Store

The shapes of items can be problematic in addition to the quantity. Landscaping and contracting equipment is most often oddly shaped and bulky, which is never the easiest to store.

Homes and Trucks Lack Needed Space

If business owners are lucky enough to have extra storage space in their home, they can utilize this space until it becomes too small or the items begin to disturb other members of the family. Trucks and vans may be sufficient storage space for a while, but eventually the business will outgrow these places.

Offices Can Become Cluttered Quickly

If you do have an office or space for meeting with potential clients, you will want to keep it neat and prevent accumulation of paper clutter. Customers will appreciate a comfortable, professional space where they can make inquires about your services. A space that is crowded with files, boxes, or even tools will not make a great first impression.

Landscaping Storage Solutions Near Reading, PA

Self storage is an affordable solution to all of these problems. A storage unit will provide adequate space for the equipment that no longer fits in the home or vehicle. Employees can be given access to the unit as well so they do not have to stop at the business owner’s home constantly. 

Self storage is a convenient place to keep landscaping equipment during the winter months and snow equipment during the summer months if needed.  If you don’t use any equipment during the winter months, self storage can also accommodate trailers in bigger outdoor units.

A storage unit can also be a great place for business documents, contracts, invoices, records, plans, photos, and client information. This confidential and important information can be too bulky or risky to keep elsewhere. Our security features include a fence-enclosed facility accessible by keypad gate only during operating hours, 24/7 video surveillance system that uses over 20 cameras, tamper resistant lock on every unit, and additional keypad access on indoor units

If you are a landscaping business owner based out of Berks County, Reading, Leesport, or any nearby place, DAK Self Storage offers affordable storage solutions for you. Browse available units if you are ready to rent or contact us with any questions.