palm-tree-166738_960_720Berks County is a nice place to live, but sometimes you just need to get away from it all. Vacation gives you a chance to rest and relax, but before you go, you have some extra work to do. You have to take care of a variety of aspects around your house.

Remembering everything you have to take care of can be overwhelming. That is why DAK Self-Storage has created this guide. After taking care of these important tasks, you drive off and begin your vacation.

Clean the Fridge and Pantry

You don’t want to come home to a catastrophe like moldy food or an infestation. At DAK Self-Storage we discourage renters from storing un-canned food for this reason. Pests can be difficult and costly to get rid of. Meanwhile, cleaning up moldy or rotten food is not a fun task either.

Before you leave, go through your refrigerator and pantry. Get rid of anything that will expire while you are on vacation. For non-perishable food, you can use a Tupperware container, plastic wrap, or aluminum. Clean up any other messes that would attract pests. Also, don’t forget to take the trash out before you leave.

Plumbing and Electrical Precaution

When left unattended, electrical appliances have the potential to cause problems such as fires. They can also add to your energy bills even if they are not being used. To be safe and save money, DAK Self-Storage recommends unplugging your systems before leaving.

Your plumbing will need some attention as well. Put your water heater on vacation mode. Turn off water valves for your sinks, dishwasher, washing machine, etc. Disconnect outdoor hoses as well. If you are traveling during winter, make sure your outdoor pipes are winterized.

Turn Back Your Air Conditioning or Heat

Don’t waste money by leaving your HVAC system running while no one is home. Unless you have a house sitter or pet, you should set your thermostat closer to the temperature outside. Don’t completely turn your HVAC system off, though. Extreme moisture and temperatures can damage your furniture and electronics. DAK Self-Storage recommends renting an indoor, climate-controlled unit when storing these items at our facility.

garden-1020507_960_720Store Away Outdoor Supplies and Decor

Be sure to store away any outdoor utilities, decorations, or furniture. If a neighbor notices you are not home, they may think about stealing your belongings. You can store them in your basement, garage, or DAK Self-Storage unit. Try not to make it obvious that you are leaving, though. If you usually have many items in your yard and you take them all in, it will hint to neighbors that you are not around. Neighbors with bad intentions may see the situation as their chance to get away with their plans.

Leave a Light On

Leaving your home dark for the duration of your vacation will also hint that you are not around. DAK Self-Storage recommends leaving a light or two on while you are gone. Many vacationers prefer to use a timer for their lights. The timer will automatically turn your lights on and off at set intervals. You can buy a timer at most stores with a home improvement section.

Get a House Sitter or Have a Neighbor Drop By

One of the best ways to keep your home safe, other than a security system, is to have someone watch your home. Hire a house sitter or just ask a trusted neighbor to stop by every once in a while. Showing activity at your home will help keep trouble away.

If you have pets or plants at home, a house sitter can be helpful. They can keep your lawn groomed and gather your mail. You can also ask the post office to hold your mail so that packages and envelopes don’t pile up. If you use a house sitter, be sure to leave emergency contact info with them. It will help give you peace of mind so you can relax and focus on fun.