storage lockerWhen people think of self storage they generally envision the big bays that can hold entire rooms worth of furniture. That amount of storage is perfect for people who are moving, but what about individuals with less storage need? Do they have to waste space and money on a big storage unit?

The answer is no! At DAK Self Storage we have special lockers that are 5′ wide, 4′ deep, and 4′ tall. This is perfect for individuals with just a few bulky items that they don’t want cluttering up the house.

What Are Lockers Good For?

Lockers have near endless usefulness, but are particularly well suited to items that owners only need on occasion. Imagine keeping skiis, a kayak (larger unit required), camping equipment, and other seasonal items completely out of your house and safe from the elements. Lockers are also good for work equipment that may not fit in your typical work truck.

Do Lockers Keep Items Protected?

All lockers utilize high test locks which are tamper resistant. Furthermore, lockers are located in our temperature controlled indoor storage building, ensuring temperature and moisture control. Finally, the building is under video surveillance 24/7 so all activity is monitored and replayable.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can secure your Locker Box for under  $25.00 a month. For professionals that is more than enough to compensate for the gas it would otherwise take driving back and forth to your shop. For casual users, keep equipment and belongings out of the house is well worth the cost of an average dinner eating out.

Reserve Today!

If you’re ready to grab your locker click here to browse our available units. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at 610-926-1310.