Guest post from DAK team member Matt.

During my college days I had the chance to work for the Army Corps of Engineers at Blue Marsh Lake. They have an excellent program that helps college students find work during winter and summer marsh lake

In between bouts of cleaning restrooms and cutting grass I got to experience virtually every nook and cranny of the park. The park itself is quite large, so it took a few years to really experience it.

One thing I noticed over time was the abundance of fishermen that frequented the lake. Each one had their own system and small area that they preferred. Thanks to the diverse locations and sheer lake surface area, there never seemed to be any conflict for space and time.

Best Locations

One of the most popular locations to fish is the Stilling Basin. This area can be accessed easily off of Palisades Road, very close to the main entrance of the park. After the water shoots through the dam it is then brought to a near halt before continuing it’s natural progression downstream. This “stilling” process gives fishermen a good chance at finding a catch.

The Stilling Basin is a good choice if you enjoy convenience and the company of other fishermen.

Conversely, if you are looking for privacy and quiet, there are many other locations. Good “put in” spots can be found near Swiftwater Lane and the small Reber’s Bridge parking lot.

blue marsh lake fishing

Avoiding Ranger Trouble

In order to make sure your visit is all pleasure and no hassle, make yourself aware of Blue Marsh regulations. There isn’t too much to know, and most of it follows common sense. Avoid bringing firearms, drugs, alcohol etc etc.

If you don’t do anything crazy and don’t trespass on the few restricted locations, you should be fine.

Store Your Equipment Nearby

Depending on how you like to fish, you may have a fairly large amount of equipment. If you have a boat, you will definitely encounter hauling issues. Blue Marsh does not have any on-site storage for your equipment.

Luckily, DAK Self Storage is located in the nearby town of Leesport not more than 10 minutes away. DAK offers a wide range of storage unit sizes. If you have just a few bags worth of gear, you can get a smaller 5×5 unit for the summer months. If you have a boat and don’t want to waste gas trucking it back and forth, you can rent a bigger 10×20 unit.

DAK is owned and operated by local residents Joe and Donna Krezdorn. Reach out and see if working with DAK might be right for you.