Did you know May is National Moving Month? More specifically, the end of May is considered a “hot” moving time since schools are letting out and Summer is being ushered in.

If any of these statistics are true, then we are all in the sweet spot of moving time. If you’re contemplating your next move into or out of Leesport, let us help you!

It’s no secret the moving process is a bear. The logistics of packing, traveling, unpacking, settling in, breaking things, replacing broken things…the hassle adds up in a hurry. One of the best ways to avoid being overwhelmed by STUFF is utilizing a self storage unit. If you’re moving into Leesport your new apartment or home may not have space for all your belongings, or you may just want to avoid the inevitable clutter of boxes that won’t get unpacked for months. If you’re moving out of Leesport, you may be uncertain as to how much of your stuff can fit in your new place.

One factor that people tend to forget is how to handle their big items. Vehicles, pool tables, washers, and things of that nature may not be appropriate for your move. Don’t get sucked into selling all your goods for pennies on eBay or at a hard sale. Keep that stuff handy and safe for whenever you can reintegrate it into your lifestyle.

We (the owner’s of DAK) are long time Leesport residents. We know the ins and outs of the town and can help make your move as smooth and pleasant as possible. Dial us up at 610-926-1310 or browse around our website to find out more about what we have to offer.