dog-165210_960_720Moving is stressful for pets. You know how stressful moving is for you and your kids. For a pet that doesn’t understand what is going on, it can be just as bad if not worse. They see mountains of boxes pile up near the door and taking up their space. Your family bustling around everywhere may put them on edge. You may leave often to pick up or store items at DAK Self-Storage in Leesport. Some pets may get sad wondering why you keep leaving so often.

Pets thrive on routine. They knew know what time you typically leave, and when they can expect you to return home. When you make simple routine changes every now and then, they can adjust. Yet, a life changing event like moving can turn their life upside down and stress them out.

Find a Pet Sitter

When the moving process begins, it may be helpful to find a pet sitter. Doing so will help keep your pets calm and out of your way. It can be difficult to move boxes with a cat or dog running around your feet. You don’t want to be constantly tripping over them. A cat may hide in the boxes and you may move them without noticing. When the front door is open often, you may worry about your pet escaping.

Hiring a pet sitter can keep your pet worries off your mind. This way, you can focus on moving your items to your new home or DAK Self-Storage unit. Try to hire a person that your pet already knows such as a friend or family member. This way they won’t be scared about being taken away by a stranger.

Keep Their Favorite Spot Open

As you move your items toward the front door, your pets see their space being invaded. Before they could easily roam around as they please. Now they have to be careful not to run into anything. Many pets also have a favorite place in your house. If you keep some of these spots open, your pets can still find some comfort in the chaos.

cat-709013_960_720Keep Familiar Items Nearby

Just like their favorite spot, you should keep some of their favorite items nearby. Keep some treats nearby to reward them for being good. Leave some of their blankets, pillows, or toys out as well. This way they have something to make them feel safe and comfortable. Giving your pet a chew toy, bone, catnip, etc. can help keep them occupied.

If you need a place to store your extra pet supplies during the moving process, rent a DAK Self-Storage unit. DAK Self-Storage has a variety of sizes and features to accommodate various items. You can view available DAK Self-Storage units here: Available Units at DAK Self-Storage. Be sure to properly wash, seal, and package items that may attract pests.

Do a Test Run and Move Your Pet Last

DAK Self-Storage recommends doing a test run with your pets before moving. Doing so allows your pets get used to the new sights and smells without being too overwhelming. It is also a good idea to move your pet last. This way they stay in a familiar comfortable place for as long as possible.

It also allows you to move your items into the new house without them getting in the way. Getting familiar items and smells in the new home first will also help keep them calm in the new home.  You may also want to set your pets up in one room for the first night or two to let them get used to their new environment.

Make Traveling as Comfortable as Possible

During the moving process, DAK Self-Storage recommends making your pet as comfortable as possible. Long car rides can be stressful. Be sure to make stops to take care of your pet’s needs and relieve their stress. If your pet is uncomfortable they may start to whine or bark. You can put blankets, pillows, and toys in crates to keep them comfortable. When not using a crate, have a family member sit with your pet. You can also crack open the window to give them some fresh air.