indoor self storage leesport paWhen considering self storage one of the biggest decisions is choosing between indoor and outdoor storage space. Both offer unique advantages that you can use to optimize your storage experience. In this article we will focus on the ins-and-outs of indoor storage.

Why Use Indoor Storage?

As you know Leesport is based in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Anyone who has spent time in the area will tell you that the weather can fluctuate dramatically from season to season. Summer months can be hot, humid, and muggy. Winter months can sustain a chill for weeks without a dash of true sunlight. These temperature and moisture extremes make storing sensitive materials a challenge.

While outdoor storage offers easy accessibility, it doesn’t protect against temperature fluctuation and moisture in the air. However, DAK’s climate control building maintains a cool temperature all year-round. The indoor temperature is not cold like a refrigerator, but cool enough to properly preserve items like wine, books, art, and more. It is also comfortable for tenants who need to move items in and out.

Indoor storage also offers excellent lighting no matter time of day. This makes it easier to sort and store items whenever you need to visit the facility.

Is Indoor Storage More Costly?

Generally indoor storage will cost about $5-$10 more a month. The added cost is needed to offset the expense of running electricity and temperature throughout the building. Most tenants find the cost difference negligible considering the benefits in return.

What Does DAK Specifically Offer?

DAK provides excellent size options for indoor storage. Tenants can gain access to a wide variety of unit sizes, ranging from small and simple lockers to big bays capable of handling entire rooms worth of furniture and belongings.

cylinder locks self storageDAK Storage Facility is fence enclosed, lit, and keycode access only. All units, both indoor and out, utilize high test cylinder locks. However, the indoor building utilizes a second level of keycode access granted to indoor renters only. Furthermore, all corners of the facility are monitored by video surveillance 24/7.

Tenants of indoor storage will find conveniently placed transport carts to help with larger items. The building is also home to a shipping and storing equipment store, perfect for picking up items like tape, boxes, bubble wrap, etc.

Get Yours Today!

If you think indoor self storage is right for you, the next step is easy. Click here to browse available units (look for the “inside” or “outside” notation under each unit). From there you can call us with any questions, reserve a unit over the phone, or reserve online. It’s simple and we will be here to help throughout the process!