fall storageFall is one of the busiest seasons. Transitioning from an easygoing summer into a scheduled back to school time full of activities and events. The most difficult thing may be establishing and adjusting to a different routine. One thing that can help make that a smoother process is making sure your home is organized and ready for the new season.

Find time in your daily routine to organize and complete some of the following tasks. Even just 15 minutes a day to devote to organization can be enough. Think about this process in tiny increments rather than all at once so it does not become overwhelming. That idea can be carried over and practiced during the entire season: Why not clean for just a few minutes each day rather than spending an entire Saturday straightening up? In the long run you will save time and effort spent sorting through clutter to find the things that you need. Check out these simple home organizing tips for fall.

Outdoor Fall Preparation Ideas

The outdoor area of your home will need to undergo some easy changes to transition from summer to fall and winter. You’ll probably be spending more time indoors as the cold weather comes in and should prepare the exterior of your home for that.

The first thing to do is pack up or winterize patio furniture. Any soft furniture should be put in self storage, but certain wooden, metal, and wicker pieces can be kept outdoors with the proper preparation. Clean, weatherize, and make any repairs to the deck and exterior of the home if needed. Clean out the garage if it has gathered clutter over the summer months. Move any stuff to self storage so you have space to park your cars once the cold moves in. Now is the time to do this while the weather’s still nice and before snow and sleet arrives.

You can get extra festive with a scarecrow, pumpkins, a fall wreath, or other decorations. Seasonal autumn plants will also add a nice touch.

Indoor Organization and Decor Tips for Fall

Another thing to consider is whether you want to change up your kitchenhome decor for fall. Nature-inspired themes and warm colors such as different shades of orange, red, and yellow are a classic choice for this season. For a more modern look, incorporate this year’s trends of neutrals, dark purples, metallics, and animal prints.

For the living room, bringing out warm blankets, switching out throw pillows, and updating other accessories are easy ways to get in the fall frame of mind.

The bedroom can be updated with fall-inspired bedding and heavier blankets. If you don’t already, keeping two different comforters (one for fall, one for spring) and changing them seasonally can help keep your decor fresh.

Moving into the closet, transition your warmer weather clothes to colder weather clothes and sort through your wardrobe while you are at it. It’s a convenient time to donate anything you haven’t worn in a while so you don’t have to waste space storing it. Everything’s that left can be placed in self storage for the winter.

Fall Organization Tips for Children

Transitioning to fall with children can be even busier because of school schedules. You need to organize your home and life to prepare for fall while also getting kids back on their school schedules. Set up a designated area for children’s backpacks so that these are easy to find in the morning to make things go a little more smoothly. This could be hooks near the front door or a basket in the laundry room. Choose an area that will be convenient and useful for your family and home set up. Pick out one area for homework and school projects, such as their bedroom or a study. That way everything will be in one place and easy to gather in the morning. It’s the worst when a child forgets a textbook or an assignment they worked hard on!

Seasonal Self Storage in Berks County, PA

As you prepare your home for autumn, you will probably come across some items you won’t need to use for a few months. Summer sports equipment, outdoor furniture, and warm weather clothing are just some examples. Anything that is taking up extra space in your home can potentially disrupt your schedule and add to the stress. DAK Self storage is a convenient and affordable solution to your seasonal storage needs. We are located in Leesport and easily accessible for residents of Kutztown, Reading, and across Berks County. Please contact us with any questions or browse available units today.