As it gets cooler and cooler outside and the season turns to autumn, we’ll all probably be spending less time outside. Can our outdoor and patio furniture take the exposure to low temperatures and moisture? It depends on the type of furniture and whether the pieces have been prepared to take the extreme conditions that autumn and winter may bring.

It’s important to maintain proper care for your wicker, wood, and metal items to make them last for years to come. This blog will let you know which furniture you need to bring inside or place in storage and how you can weatherize the rest.

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Winter Care for Outdoor Wicker Furniture

  • Synthetic wicker furniture can be kept outdoors
  • Natural wicker furniture needs to be stored indoors
  • Storage area with low sunlight, humidity, and moisture recommended

The first thing you need to do is find out if your wicker furniture is made of natural or synthetic materials because care instructions will vary between the two. Check any packing materials you may have or evaluate it yourself. Synthetic wicker will feel and smell similar to plastic. Natural wicker is like a woven fiber.

Synthetic wicker furniture is considered strong and sturdy. You can leave it on the front porch in almost any weather conditions and will continue to stand without trouble.

Natural wicker furniture, on the other hand, is extremely sensitive. It can easily become damaged, worn, and cracked over time, especially in poor weather conditions. Too much direct sunlight and water will harm these pieces.

It’s important to bring natural wicker furniture inside or place it in self storage for the winter season if you want proper preservation. Keep them in a room with low sunlight and low humidity or a climate controlled indoor self storage unit. Garages or basements are not recommended because the furniture could still be exposed to moisture and humidity.

Winter Care for Outdoor Wood Furniture

  • Wooden furniture can be kept outdoors only if cleaned and sealed
  • Use a water sealant for extra protection
  • Place indoors or in storage if it will not be used

Wood furniture can be kept outside during the colder months if you clean and seal it properly. Any wooden furniture that won’t be used much at all during the winter is better off being brought indoors or kept in a self storage unit. However, if you do plan on using these pieces outside, here’s how to properly protect them:fall storage

First, identify the wood type and make sure to select the proper cleanser as wooden materials can be sensitive to strong chemical solutions. Always test a small area before continuing as the wrong cleanser can ruin wood material. Sometimes it’s better to start with water and a mild soap and work your way up from there if a deeper cleaning is needed.

Next, dust off the piece before gently cleaning with a cloth, then seal with a protective finish. The clear seal will make sure it stays preserved throughout the colder months. For extra protection, you can also add a water sealant to keep out moisture.

Winter Care for Outdoor Metal Furniture

  • Metal furniture can be kept outdoors only if sealed properly
  • Use a sealant designed to keep out rust
  • Place indoors or in storage if it will not be used much

The main issue with keeping metal furniture outdoors throughout the colder months is rust. Moisture from rain or snow mixed with wind can easily degrade the quality of metal items. The same rule applies as for wooden items: If you will not be using it often, it’s better to bring it indoors or place it in a self storage unit. However, it can be used outdoors all winter with the proper protective measures. Make sure to clean and seal it with a product to prevent rust and it can stay outdoors all winter long.

Outdoor Furniture Storage Near Reading, PA

Our tenants at DAK often store indoor and outdoor furniture. In fact, it could be one of the top categories of items we house. Seasonal self storage is a great solution for patio and outdoor furniture during the colder time of the year. If you won’t be using your furniture much during the winter or don’t want to take the time to seal it, bring it over to DAK and we will keep it safe and secure. Our units will provide the extra space you need and climate controlled indoor units can keep it extra preserved if needed.