IMG_0033For those who love reading, books are bound to pile up. While a single book seems very small, multiple books quickly add a bulk of weight and mass. Combine even just a dozen books and you will probably run into some storage issues.

Even if you eventually switch to digital books, you’ll probably still have many physical books you want to keep around. And of course you’ll want your physical books to stay optimally preserved. Read on for some tips on how to organize books and how to store them when the time is right.

Keep Books in Multiple Rooms

A large bookcase may be ideal, but these are expensive and tend to take up a lot of space. Get creative with book placements if you don’t have the room for a tall bookcase. Think outside the box; You don’t need to store books in boxes, or in the same room. Spread your collection out and keep books on shelves in different places throughout the house.

Some areas you may have shelving space:

  • Entertainment center in living room
  • Home office
  • Headboard of bed or bedroom
  • Basement

It’s a good idea to sort books into categories, like genre, before separating, so you know where to look when you need to locate a certain one. For example, keep all of the fantasy books in one place and non-fiction in another.

IMG_0028Make a DIY Shelf Riser

Make more room on your shelves with a Do It Yourself shelf riser. Save boxes of aluminum foil, waxed paper, or plastic wrap with the empty roll inside for support. Wrap the box in acid-free construction paper. Stand lighter paperback books atop the box and any type of books in front. Use multiple boxes as needed to support the books. Now you’ve got room for two rows on one shelf!

Pack Some Up for Storage

When every shelf in your home has been filled with books, it may be time to think of some other options. You can pack up some books in containers or boxes to store in your home or in self storage.

Some storage tips to keep books preserved and safe from damage:

  • Store away from direct sunlight
  • Store in a mild temperature
  • Lay books flat and stack them or place in an upright position
  • Do not store with spine facing up or any position that may put pressure on the spine
  • Label boxes by genre or keep a list of titles inside

IMG_0035Give Away and Donate

Another option is to choose some books you don’t need to hold onto any longer. If it’s not one of your favorites and you don’t anticipate ever reading it again, consider giving it a new home. Think about any friends, family members, or neighbors who may be interested in the topic. Or donate some books to a local library or charity that can resell it. You’ll clear some space in your home while getting books to people that will enjoy them.