A recent study of storage statistics revealed some interesting results.

DAK Self Storage is based in Leesport, PA outside of Reading. As you might suspect, Reading and Leesport are our #1 and #2 sources for individuals storing with us. However, what you might not suspect is that Hamburg is #3!

In fact, there is a wide gap between those top 3 and all the rest.

Why Have So Many Hamburg Residents Chosen DAK Self Storage?

It’s a combination of convenience, cost, and quality.

dutch hex hamburg paHamburg is a straight shot, 15 minutes down Route 61. The drive is easy and convenient. In fact, many individuals who work in Reading find it much more effecient to store their personal and business belongings in a safe, nearby location.

DAK is perched just off of 61, about a block back from the highway. Interestingly, that one block makes a big difference. Minimal highway traffic disturbs the peaceful setting, and the location in Leesport is far enough away from Reading to discourage trouble.

DAK is also known for it’s attention to detail. The facility is fence enclosed and can only be entered with a digital keycode. The grounds feature large outdoor units as well as climate controlled indoor units.

The best part is that we’ve been able to maintain competitively low prices with all other storage facilities in the area.

Is DAK Right For You?

We have a wide variety of units, capable of handling all different kinds of storage needs. However, you don’t have to guess if we have the right accomodations for you. Reach out to us! Call us at 610-926-1310, or fill out our contact form for more information.