We have been lucky so far here in south eastern Pennsylvania, especially Berks County.  We were bound to get hit with a major storm soon. When I was younger I used to love snow. Now not so much. Snow and ice add extra cost to a Self Storage budget. If you are a DAK Self Storage customer and stopped by after a storm you have seen me in the white Chevy pickup with the orange warning beacon on top. I try to plow door to door. It may not be the first day after a large storm, but everyday after, I will whittle it down to that. Here are some Plow facts you may find surprising from a past snow storm:

  • 14 miles traveled inside the fence. 1/4 of that in reverse.
  • 5/8 tank of gas out of a 36 gallon tank at almost $4.00 a gallon. 1.6 miles per gallon That’s bad mileage.
  • 3-4 hours of time depending on depth and weight of snow
  • 6 bags of ice melt.
  • $500 to hire a backhoe to put snow over the fence.
  • 4 tires with only 16,000 miles on them. Spinning on pavement = bad for tires
  • 1 quart of windshield washer fluid.
  • 1 broken shift lever. Spring in the steering column broke. Forward and reverse several hundred times.
  • untold damage to the transmission.
  • untold damage to the engine.
  • wear on the plow blade.
  • two broken snow shovels. Why can’t we buy a shovel that will last?
  • one thermos of strong black coffee.
  • 1 can of lock deicer. The keypads seem to freeze.
  • and lastly wear on the driver especially the back, knees and neck.

So next time you are out shoveling your drive or side walk, don’t curse the guy in the white Chevy pickup with the orange warning beacon. He is just trying to get home to plow his driveway.