cylinder locks self storageDak Self Storage supports the local economy and encourages Berks County residents to shop local whenever possible. Small businesses and local entrepreneurs bring innovation and a stronger sense of community to our towns. We are happy to offer affordable self storage solutions to entrepreneurs near Leesport, PA.

If you work out of your home…

Getting your company off the ground can be complicated and frustrating process. We know that keeping costs down is always important to any business, but especially so in the early stages of small business. You need adequate and immediate resources handy to operate on a daily basis, but can’t afford to spend all of your profits to do so.  You have limited cash, limited space, and limited inventory, so you must spend as wisely as possible.

That’s why you probably started your business out of your home. This was the best choice financially in the beginning, but now you’re ready to expand. You are starting  to see some success and need more space than your home office can offer in order to continue to grow.  Renting a professional office space can be a very expensive, time-consuming, and risky move. If you’re not quite ready to take that step financially, self storage can offer the ideal solution. A self storage unit is much more affordable than office space and you can use it to keep any resources you need for your business.

If you have a professional office space…

computer storageMaybe you already have a professional office space or storefront, but need to expand. Maybe you need room for additional desks to accommodate new employees or have secured a great deal on bulk  orders of products or components and need somewhere to store it. Relocating to a new office can  interrupt business and come with high costs: physical moving costs, the printing of new business cards and letterhead, setup of new phone and computer systems. Save your budget and rent a self storage unit. You can move office supplies, inventory, product samples, and business records to the unit to make more room in your office. You can easily move your stuff to larger unit onsite as you grow.

Overall Benefits

When you move excess resources to a self storage unit, you can create a much more productive space. It can be tempting to store at home, but it may be overwhelming to have your work clutter follow you there. You already work hard enough; a relaxing home environment is essential. Renting a self storage unit can be beneficial to your small business in Berks County. It is a safe, clean, secure, and very affordable way to prevent your home office from overflowing or to declutter a professional office.