Sometimes customers wonder if they might be able to purchase their self storage unit permanently.

Their goal with this kind of purchase is to save on long term investment, and ultimately be able to sell their space to a follow-up renter.

At almost every self storage facility that is publicly open, this kind of arrangement is not an option. DAK specifically does not offer this kind of service.

Mixing in permanent ownership of a unit might sound mutually beneficial at first, but it gets very complex quickly.  Consider the following:

  • Who pays for maintenance and upkeep costs?
  • Who decides how many people can use the unit?
  • If sold, does the next owner have to pay rental fees?
  • Can the original storage facility owner fine the unit owner for improper storage?

These are just some of the considerations that cause complications when it comes to permanent sale.

Long term rental is a better solution because it keeps the roles of facility owner and customer well defined. Each knows what set of rules and responsibilities apply to them.

That all being said – it’s great when a customer comes to trust and appreciate the services of the facility enough to want long term storage!