fleetwood paFleetwood takes up about 1 square mile, but packs in a ton of culture and business. Founded in 1815, Fleetwood’s rich history has long been an asset to Berks County through it’s myriad of small businesses as well as larger outfits like the Fleetwood Metal Body Company.

Residents of Fleetwood have an easy 15-20 minute drive to nearby Leesport which is convenient for accessing all the shops and resources therein. DAK Self Storage is one of those resources, and we love helping local residents with their storage needs!

Why Use DAK Self Storage

Self storage is a great way to save time, space, and money. It is appropriate for individuals own a small business, are moving, or need to declutter their home. DAK is one of the finest facilities in the area and offers some of the most affordable rates around.

DAK focuses on a positive tenant experience and offers a wide variety of amenities, including:

  • Indoor climate controlled units
  • Diver unit size selection
  • Wide outdoor driveways for easy access
  • Completely fenced grounds
  • Keycode access for security
  • 24/7 video surveillance
  • On-site supply shop

DAK owners Joe and Donna Krezdorn have lived in the area their whole life and understand that treating tenants well is the key to long-term success in business. They are part of the community and enjoy helping their fellow community members!

Getting to DAK Self Storage

Finding DAK is extremely easy. The facility is located right off of route 61 in the main area of Leesport. Hoss’s Restaurant is located directly across the street and serves as an easy beacon for finding the correct turn.

DAK sits about a block back off of the highway which reduces traffic noise and congestion when accessing the facility. The result is a pleasant experience that doesn’t remove travelers far from their destination.

The following is a movable map which demonstrates the trip between Fleetwood and DAK:

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What To Do If You Are Considering Storage

If you think storage might be right for you, the next step is easy! Your first option is to browse available units and see which size might be right for you. When ready, you can reserve completely online.

If you have specific questions about what you need or the storage facility itself, you can call us at 610-926-1310. We’d be happy to assist in any way we can!