kutztown storage boxesCollege is generally an enjoyable experience. In fact, many would tell you it’s the best time of your life! These next few years are likely to help you grow academically, personally, and professionally. You’ll be extremely busy, but you’ll learn a tremendous amount and have a lot of fun too. If you’ve chosen to attend school in the Berks County area (such as Kutztown, Penn State, Alvernia, or Albright) we welcome you to a diverse area rich in culture and beautiful scenery.

So what isn’t fun about the college experience? This is one thing we can warn you about: Fighting for space in your own living quarters! Having multiple roommates in a small dorm room or apartment is never fun. There’s just never enough room for everybody’s stuff. Even the best of friends can get caught up in arguments over clutter and storage space. Good luck if you don’t get along with your roommates!

A self storage unit can be a place all your own to keep your stuff. You won’t have to worry about anybody, touching it, moving it, using it, or getting angry that it’s there! DAK is self storage facility in Leesport, convenient to Reading area colleges. We are proud to offer local students an affordable and secure option for their storage needs. Check out our tips below for storing your stuff:

1 Choose a Local Self Storage Facility

Choose a self storage facility near your college campus. Bonus points if it’s locally owned! DAK is located off of Route 61 in the town of Leesport (near Sheetz!). We are just a quick drive away from Berks area schools. Because our facility is locally-owned, we are able to offer more personalized customer service and affordable rates.

2 Choose the Right Unit

Do you need indoor or outdoor storage? Small, medium, or large? DAK offers a range of unit types and sizes depending on your needs and budget.

Indoor, climate-controlled units are recommended for storing valuables or fragile items that need a specific humidity and temperature. Outdoor units are ideal for everything else. Size depends on what you will be storing: a small unit can fit stuff like clothing and extra school supplies. A larger unit works for furniture or sports equipment.

3 Find Out Available Amenities

Are there any available services to make moving and storing your stuff a little easier? At DAK, we offer a supply store, video monitoring system, keycode protection, and hours seven days a week.

4 Clean and Pack Smart

When packing your stuff up for self storage, be sure to clean items that need it. Refrigerators and microwaves definitely fall under this category. It’s a good idea to always clean clothing and furniture too, because stains or body oils can start to spread odor over time.

When packing boxes, make sure not to overpack to avoid back injury or containers that are just too heavy. Books in particular can easily add up weight even though they seem small. Always wrap delicate items to prevent breakage.

5 Label Boxes

Trust us, don’t skip this step. Label your boxes with the contents as you pack them. Though you think you’ll remember, it can get confusing. This makes it so much easier to find what you need when you visit your unit to retrieve certain items.

6 Organize Your Unit

When moving stuff into your unit, it helps to have an organization plan. Keep the heaviest boxes on the bottom and put smaller stuff on top. Start by stacking things along the walls. As you move more stuff into your unit, leave a walking path in the center so that everything is accessible.

We hope you find these storage tips useful! Please contact us today with any questions or rent a unit.