climate controlPacking a DAK Self-Storage unit can be a lot like playing Tetris. If you are moving or renovating, your items may be a variety of shapes and sizes. This can make it difficult to fit everything and store it neatly. The order you move your items in can make a big difference in the difficulty of packing your unit. If you start with a plan and follow these DAK Self-Storage tips, you can make your storing experience much easier.

Measure and Plan

Before you even rent a unit, you need to measure and plan. Figure out what items you are going to store and record their measurements in a chart. Then add up the measurements and get an idea of what unit size you will need. You can view DAK Self-Storage’s available units here: Don’t forget to consider options such as climate control and location.

Once you know what unit you need, you can try to create a map for your unit so you know what items to move in first and where to place them. Use the tips below as a guide. Having this planned ahead of time will make storing your items at DAK Self-Storage much easier. You won’t have to think hard or constantly rearrange your items.

Bulky Items First

The best place to start is with the big bulky items that take up the most space. This includes beds, couches, dressers, desks, refrigerators, etc. Standing these items on their end will also help you maximize your space. Once you get the big items in, you can organize your smaller items around them.

Oddly-Shaped Items

Oddly-shaped items can be tricky to store. They can take up extra space because they are difficult to stack. When it comes to these items, organizing them is a lot like Tetris. You have to figure out how weird angles can fit with one another to save the most space. Common items that cause this problem are chairs, tables, and desks. If possible, you should take these items apart. If not, the best way to use your space wisely is to place the smaller items in the gaps. Some chairs can be stacked to save room or tucked under a table.

Shelving and Drawers

Another great way to maximize space in your DAK Self-Storage unit is to use the vertical space. Pack up, not across. Using shelving or drawers to organize your items is one way to accomplish this. When using this method, you will want to set up the shelves next. They will help you quickly organize all your smaller items quickly and efficiently.

You can also simply stack boxes. If you use this option, make sure your boxes are strong enough to be stacked. Put the heaviest boxes on the bottom to keep the pile structurally sound. This will help prevent items from falling and breaking. You should also avoid stacking boxes with fragile items in them.

Items You Don’t Use Often

You will also want to think about how often you may need the items you are storing in your DAK Self-Storage unit. If you won’t need them for a while, store them near the back of your unit. Don’t forget to leave a walkway, though, in case you do need to access these items. You don’t want to have to move a bunch of boxes out just to get to what you need.

Items You Do Use Often

Finally, you will want to store items you will need sooner near the front. This will help you easily access them if you are ever in a rush. The only exception is valuable items. You may want to consider storing these items toward the back to keep them safe. If you ever need any of your items, they are just a short drive away from your Berks County home.