Everyone has a favorite toy from their childhood. It might be a teddy bear, a doll, or a toy truck. Toys help build imagination and give both young and old hours of enjoyment. Whether you want to preserve a collection of your old toys or store your child’s toys, DAK Self-Storage is here to help.

Reasons to Store Toys

Toys Are Built to Last

While some toys have small parts and break easily, other toys are built to last. If you have toys that are still in decent condition, you may want to save them. Some toys eventually become collectibles and are sought after by collectors.  Other toys can become family heirlooms to pass through the generations.

Either way, if don’t have room in your home or are worried about storing them in an attic without air conditioning, store them at DAK Self-Storage. Our Leesport location can keep them safe and unharmed for as long as you need.

Keep Clutter Out Of Your Berks County Home

Every parent wants to keep their kid happy. Sometimes this means getting them a new toy every time you cart them around to run errands. After a while, their collection can grow fairly large. This can leave your home looking cluttered.

You don’t have to get rid of all them, though. Instead, you can store some away in a DAK Self-Storage unit for a while and rotate some in and out every once in a while. This technique works great for seasonal toys like sleds, pool floaties, and other outdoor toys.

Toy Storage Tips

Declutter First

Before you simply gather up all the toys and store them at DAK Self-Storage, you may want to go through some of them first. If you store away toys that will never use again, you will end up paying for space you don’t really need.

If it’s your child’s toys, get them involved so you don’t accidentally throw away anything they still want. If they are young, this can also be a good way to teach them responsibility and how to clean up after themselves. If any toys they don’t want are still in good condition, donate instead of trashing. If you get your child involved, this can help teach them to give back to others.

Clean and Protect

If you want the toys to come out of DAK Self-Storage in the same condition they went in, you will want to take some extra time to clean and protect them. This step is important to retain their value if you plan on selling them later. You don’t want to store a toy with dirt, food, or any other messes on it because they may start to grow mold or mildew.

To properly clean the toy, you should figure out what it is made of and research how to clean it. You can find many tips and how-to’s in DAK Self-Storage’s blog. If the toy is fragile, you may want to wrap it in bubble wrap or tissue paper, depending on what it is made of, to keep it from breaking if it falls. If you need any extra supplies, DAK Self-Storage has an on-site supply store.

Store Sets Together

When storing at DAK Self-Storage, it is important to stay organized. This will help you find what you need quickly if you are in a rush. Labeling or color-coding can also be helpful. Pieces that are part of a set should be put in the same box or in a vacuum-seal bag. This makes stacking them easier so you can make use of vertical space. Shelving can also be helpful if you are worried about stacking boxes on top of each other.

Take Large Toys Apart If Possible

Large toys, like child-sized kitchen sets or trampolines, can also be tricky to store. The best solution, in this case, is to take the toy apart, if you can. If it has empty cubbies, you can store other items in it. For instance, you can store doll accessories in the separate rooms of a dollhouse. Compacting the toy as much as possible will make storing it easier to manage.

Use DAK Self-Storage

We recommend storing your toys in an indoor unit with climate control. This will help ensure that they don’t get damaged. You may also want to consider purchasing insurance if you are storing any collectible toys. If you would like to view available DAK Self-Storage units, you can do so here: https://ecom.quikstor.com/dakselfstorage/ShowAvailableUnits.aspx?action=rent.