Moving into your first apartment is an exciting and overwhelming experience. You may be out on your own for the first time and living with different people. There are plenty of new aspects to adjust to and many new responsibilities to take care of. You may not have time to think much about ways to make living in apartment easier, so DAK Self-Storage is here to help! Below you will find various tips for apartment life.

Look For Damage Upfront and Get Promises in Writing

Early on or before you start renting, you will want to inspect the apartment for potential problems or damage. Look for things cracks, broken floorboards, or faulty appliances. Take photos and document the damage for references. You don’t want to be charged for damage that was not your fault. If there are any problems that the landlord promises to fix, be sure to get the promises in writing. Be sure to store these documents in a safe place and make copies as a backup.

Before Moving In

When moving from one place to another, there is usually a time period where you need to be moved out of your old place, but can’t move into your new place yet. You may get stuck with all your possessions and have no place to put them. If this is your case, store your items at DAK Self-Storage. We rent units on a monthly basis, so you will have plenty of time to get situated. You can always rent for longer if you need. A DAK Self-Storage unit will keep your furniture, clothes, and other necessities dry until you are able to move into your new apartment.


If you are out on your own for the first time, you will need to learn how to budget. You have bills to pay, groceries to buy, and other unexpected expenses. It will be difficult to balance all of your expenses if you don’t stay organized. Using spreadsheets and calculating how much you will need each month will allow you to see what you have left for entertainment. By you know what you need each month, you can save yourself some stress and headaches.

Become a Minimalist

Most apartments are on the small side. This means you need to learn how to be smart when buying and arranging furniture. Just like storing items in a DAK Self-Storage unit, you will want to measure everything. Find out how much space you have in your apartment and make sure whatever you buy will fit in the space.

Buying furniture that doubles as a storage space can help you save room. Try using small furniture to make the room seem larger and don’t buy too much. Fewer items also mean less mess. Placing furniture in the corners and utilizing vertical space can also help make the room seem larger.

Clean Regularly

Clutter adds up quickly in a small space. If you don’t clean up messes regularly, your apartment will eventually start to look like a tornado ran through. Bad messes can be stressful to look at and make it difficult to move around. Be sure to invest in proper storage containers for your apartment to make sure everything has a place. For larger pieces you don’t have room for, consider renting a DAK Self-Storage unit. We offer units with climate control to protect weather-sensitive pieces.