Moving your loved one into assisted living can be difficult. The transformation can be an emotional roller-coaster. It can be scary to your loved one to move away to an unfamiliar place. Meanwhile, the budgeting, organizing and decision making can be stressful for you. While DAK Self-Storage can’t be there to guide you through the process, we can provide a storage place for extra items. Be sure to keep your friends and family around during the process as a support system. Talking about your concerns with someone who will listen can also be a great stress reliever.

Choose the Right Living Space

When searching for the right living space, there are a variety of aspects to consider.

Safety: If your loved one needs help performing everyday tasks, you will want to make sure the facility you choose has the right equipment to accommodate them.

Staff: When visiting, try to notice how well the living place is staffed. Make sure your parent or grandparent will be attended to if they need something urgently.

Affordable: While everyone wants the best care money can buy, you do have to consider your budget. Be sure to figure out a budget ahead of time and learn what extra costs are involved.

Involvement: Be sure to stay involved throughout the entire process. Ask whatever questions you may have and visit your loved one as often as possible. You can also ask family and friends to pitch in every once in a while if you feel stuck. Allow your parent or grandparent to have some say as well, if possible. They will be looking to keep some control over decisions about their life.

Location: You will want to choose a location near your Berks County home. This will make it easier to visit and check in on them if they need help.

Plan Ahead for the Move

Once you choose a location, DAK Self-Storage recommends planning ahead for the move. Their new space will likely not be large enough to bring everything with them. Together you may have to choose which items are the most essential to have. You will want to make their new place feel as much like home as possible. When you visit, you can bring along pictures to look through or flowers to brighten their room.

Before moving them in, be sure to measure the parameters of their new living space. This will help you decide how much to keep. Then choose a few items that represent their home. Having familiar items around can help make the moving process a little less frightening.

Organizing and Downsizing Belongings

When planning for this process, DAK Self-Storage recommends allowing extra time to prepare both mentally and emotionally. After you decide what items will be moving with your parent or grandparent, you will need to decide what to do with the items that are left over.

A fairly simple way to do this is to create three piles, keep, donate, and ditch. If the item has strong sentimental value for you or your loved one, it is a good idea to keep it. Items in good condition, that you are willing to part with should be donated or sold. This way someone else will get some use out of the item or you can make some extra cash to help pay for the moving costs.

Prepare and Store Extra Items at DAK Self-Storage

If you do not have the time or the energy to go through everything right away, consider renting a DAK Self-Storage unit. We can store your items until you find the time to go through everything. We have a variety of units and features to store almost any type of item. We also have a 24/7 surveillance system and sturdy locks to help keep your precious items safe. Be sure to check out DAK Self-Storage’s blog for tips on storing and protecting your items.