There are many reasons to move in with someone new. Maybe you just got married, maybe you are testing a relationship, or maybe you just need some help paying rent for the time being. Whatever your reason, moving in together is a big step. Essentially, you are combining two lives, including morals, lifestyles, and belongings.

With this in mind, you need to get on the same page. You need to sit down together and figure out how everything is going to work. There is a lot to take into consideration, so use these DAK Self-Storage tips to help get you and your housemate combine households.

Plan and Set Ground Rules

Before you even move into your new Berks County home, you will need to do some planning. Measure each room to know how much space you have, then plan the room schemes. Decide what each room will be and what major furniture pieces will go where. If anyone needs to move out before they are able to fully move in, rent a DAK Self-Storage for a month or two until they can get settled.

You will also want to start working out the dynamics. Create a list of chores and decide who is in charge of what. Talking about rules is also important. Answer questions like, “At one time does the house need to be quite so everyone gets good rest?” and “What happens if someone isn’t pulling their weight with the chores?” Doing so will help you avoid conflicts in the future.

Handling Differences

Moving in together can teach you a lot about your new living partner. Maybe you didn’t know they had a large collection of Elvis memorabilia, or perhaps they have a strange habit that you can’t stand. There are plenty of potential causes of conflict and before you move in together, you need to know how to handle them.

When you combine households, you need to have an open mind. Not everyone is raised the same way or taught the same morals. You should try to handle your differences gently. If they have a habit you don’t like, try to find a compromise that can make living together more tolerable. If you don’t have room for their collection, consider asking them to rent a DAK Self-Storage unit and helping them carefully pack and move it.

Keep the Most Important Items

Once you have a plan, you can start sorting through your furniture and other items. Decide which pieces you both like and want to keep and use. Figure out whose furniture and appliances look better with your home’s style or which items are in better shape. Once you decide what you are keeping, sorting through the rest of your belongings will be easier. If one person wants to keep something, but the other doesn’t, the owner can keep it in their room and out of the way. If you lack room, rent a DAK Self-Storage unit.

Get Rid of Duplicates and Unneeded Furniture

There is a good likelihood that you will end up with duplicate items or items you need to get rid of. Unless you definitely plan to use these items sometime in the future, it is best to get rid of these items. There are a variety of options. You can sell them, donate them, or store them away at DAK Self-Storage. If you sell them, you can use the extra money to get other items you may need later.

Combining Closets

Depending on the circumstances, you may need to end up having to share closet space. It is a smart choice to purge your closet a little bit, before moving in. This can save headaches later. If you still don’t have enough space, you can use DAK Self-Storage to rotate your seasonal clothing. You can view available units here: