Planning a wedding can be hectic. You have to choose outfits, arrange themes, invite guests, choose a venue, etc. The list goes on. If you’re planning a wedding, you may be stressed.  Sometimes little problems just seem to pop up everywhere. DAK Self-Storage in Leesport is here to make things a bit easier. Renting a storage unit can help you plan your wedding in a variety of ways.

Store Wedding Décor

After you choose your theme, you will start buying dozens to hundreds of supplies. If you don’t have extra space to store them, they may begin to pile up in your sitting room or kitchen. As the pile grows, you will have less room to work and move around. Pretty soon you won’t have room to write invitations, decorate party favors, or create centerpieces. If you have important papers or receipts lying around, you will be more likely to lose them.

Renting a DAK Self-Storage unit can be helpful in this situation. You can store extra decorations you are not currently working with out of your way. When you need your decorations, they are always just a short drive away from your Berks County home.

Store Extra Supplies

Renting extra chairs, tables, etc. can also take up a large amount of space. They steal your moving room and make your home feel cramped. If you are hosting bridal showers and other get-togethers, you will need all the room you can get. Many wedding and party planners use DAK Self-Storage to store various pieces of equipment.

Protect Your Wedding Dress

Keeping your wedding dress at your home can be risky. Kids with messy fingers can touch your dress when you’re not paying attention. Pets may also step on the bottom and cause tears if it is not hung high enough. At DAK Self-Storage, your dress will stay clean and intact so that you can look your best for your wedding day. If you want to store your dress after the wedding, we can accommodate you as well. Be sure to properly store your dress in a climate-controlled unit.

Moving In Together

Weddings typically mean combining households. Both the bride and groom will have to move all their personal belongings into their new home. This is difficult when both parties have a lot of processions. You may end up with extra beds, wardrobes, etc. In this case, you have two options, keep it or get rid of it. If you want to keep it, you need a place to put it. If you don’t have enough space in your new home, a DAK Self-Storage unit is a viable option.

Store Wedding Gifts

After the wedding, you are sure to have some gifts from your relatives and friends. You may not have room in your house yet, or time to find a place to store them in you just moved in. You will also want to make sure valuables are safe while you are on your honeymoon. DAK Self-Storage has quality locks and 24/7 surveillance of our facility. Your belongings will be safe until you are ready to move them.

Choosing a DAK Self-Storage Unit

When renting a storage unit, you want to make sure you get the right size and features. Make a list of everything you plan on storing and measure what items you can. This will help you make sure that your unit is large enough, but that you don’t pay for unused space. Climate control is also a popular feature for clothing, furniture, and collectibles. Too much moisture or extreme temperatures can damage these items. Follow the link to browse available DAK Self-Storage units: